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Best Time to Visit Agra

The beautiful city of Agra receives a lot of tourists, from across the globe, through the year. But, the best time to explore the city is the winter season because of the pleasant weather conditions.

Season Min Temp Range Max Temp Range
Summer (March-July) 28°C 50°C
Monsoon ( Aug-Sep) 25°C 40°C
Winter (Oct-Feb) 7°C 35°C

Summer Season: Commences in the month of March-April, the summer season in Agra is all about blistering heat and humidity. The temperature during this time rises up to 50°C. Despite such unfavourable weather conditions, numerous travellers visit the place. The season ends in the month of July.

Monsoon Season: Monsoon season in Agra starts in the month of August and lasts until September. With the first rain of the season, the city blooms up with a new freshness and the travellers get rid the scorching heat as the temperature drops down a bit during these months. Despite the rainfall, the monsoon is an ideal season to visit Agra for travellers as they get to see the mighty Taj Mahal in its washed grandeur.

Winter Season: Winter is the best time to visit Agra because of the cool and pleasant weather. Such favourable weather conditions make travelling easy in the city during this time. The season marks its beginning in the month of October and continues until Feb-March. Moreover, the temperature during these months ranges from 7°C to 35°C.

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