Museums in Nalanda

The beautiful place endowed with affluent past, Nalanda, is one of the most significant districts in Bihar. This renowned district is known throughout the globe for its historical Nalanda University, established in 5th century BC. Nalanda is also called as Bihar Sharif and has a noteworthy past that takes the person back to the epoch of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira in the 6th century. Bestowed with outstanding historical background, Nalanda perfectly displays the prosperous history of erstwhile India. To enable common people witness different symbols and items of olden times, there are splendid museums in Nalanda. These museums have rich collection of items that sets the history buff in the hypnotic world of ancient era. The list of such magnificent museums in Nalanda is mentioned below:

Nalanda Archaeological Museum

Address : District Nalanda, Bihar

Timing : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed : Friday and public holidays

Nalanda Archaeological Museum

The Nalanda Archaeological Museum was established in 1917 targeted to preserve the precious items from primordial times. It is situated near the remnants of Nalanda Mahavira. The entrance hall of the museum showcases the sculptures from 16th century including those of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Trailokya Vijay, Maitreya, Nagaraja, etc. The remains of Nalanda University found in excavation are also open for public viewing in this hall.

There are four galleries in this museum. In first gallery, there are fifty-seven sculptures and images comprising Heruka, Khasarpana, Marichi, Vaishali-miracle, Kubera, Shiva parvati, Rishabhnath and Lakshmi Ganesh.

The second gallery includes different elements like stuccos, terracotta, iron inscriptions and implements. The inscriptions on stone are of Purnavarman of Vipul Srimitra, Yashovarma and Nidana Sutta. Terracotta tiles displaying various historical signs like Swastika, Dharmachakra, Kirtimukha etc. are worth viewing.

Third gallery comprises of around ninety-three specimens of bronze. There are two pictures of Lord Buddha in a posture of blessing. Many other such historical marvels are also displayed here.

In the fourth gallery, there are thirty-six sculptures made of stone. These sculptures are of Lord Buddha, Lord Vishnu, Padmapani Bodhisattva, Vajrapani and Marichi.

Two massive jars found in Nalanda University are exhibited in a different shed. Ample number of stone sculptures and pictures, bronzes, terracotta, and other antiquarian items are preserved in the collection.

Nalanda Multimedia Museum

Address : Near the ruins of Nalanda University, Nalanda, Bihar

Timing : 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Closed : Friday and public holidays

Nalanda Multimedia Museum

The blend of modern technology with the sumptuousness of past, gives birth to a new perspective of observing history. The Multimedia Museum situated near the ruins of great Nalanda University perfectly exemplifies it.

This contemporary museum takes the audience to the virtual trip of ancient epoch. The Multimedia Museum displays the prosperous history of Nalanda University right from the beginning till its sad end. Experiencing this journey evokes many emotions in the visitor's mind, as it takes them to the epochs of Sariputra, Buddha and the destructions during Muslim Invasions.

The Multimedia Museum offers the below mentioned perspective of Nalanda University with the help of 3D animation and multimedia films.

3D Animation Movie: It tells the legend of the university from its commencement to its major days in the Buddha period to the times when it was destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khilji in the medieval era.

Revival : This segment depicts the recent efforts to perk up Nalanda with the aid of several Buddhist countries in Asian continent.

Historical : This section portrays the historical and archaeological viewpoint of Nalanda. It demonstrates the outlines of the ruins, importance of the ruins and particulars of structures originally existed like Pillars, Student quarters, ovens, etc.

Geographical : In this perspective, sightseers know about the geographical significance of Nalanda and its associations with other imperative places in close proximity like Bihar Sharif, Turkmenistan and Pawapuri.