Museums in Gaya

Gaya is not only the prominent Buddhist pilgrimage center but also a city of great mythological significance. It carries a rich legacy of diverse religions and dynasties that are clearly evident in the form of several magnificent temples and monuments, which attract a lot of people of all ages from various corners of the world. It is a city with many museums that showcase the rich cultural heritage and glorious past. The museums in Gaya have played a key role in preserving the national legacy through the wonderful collection of precious ancient artifacts, paintings, relics, engravings and various other items. One of the best ways to understand what makes Gaya special among the people is to plan a visit to its museums during your tour to Bihar. Some of the museums in Gaya that have attained a lot of recognition and admiration are mentioned below:

Archaeological Museum, Bodhgaya

Address : Next to the Mahabodhi Temple

Timing : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed : Fridays

Archaeological Museum, Bodhgaya

This museum was established in 1956 that is located near the Mahabodhi Temple. It has an excellent collection of several Hindu and Buddhist relics, stone sculptures, terracotta items, Lord Buddha images, miniature pot, coping stones that were transported from the famous Mahabodhi Temple and copper antimony rod. In the second gallery of the museum the visitors are acquainted with the Dasavatara (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. The popular attractions of the museum are the huge idols of Lord Buddha in abhayamudra position and varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu. The coins of the Mughal era, antique relics and monuments belonging to the Mauryan and Gupta period are also on display for the visitors.