Museums in Konark

Extensively explored by visitors for its stunning architectural grandeur, Sun Temple, Konark hosts impressive specimens of Odisha temple architecture. To preserve the prosperous heritage of unique elements, imposing museums have been built through the years in this small yet exclusive tourist spot. Here is a brief idea about the primary information of the Museums in Konark.

Archaeological Survey of India Museum Konark

Address : SH 13, Konark, Puri-752111

Timing : 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Closed : Friday

Archaeological Survey of India Museum Konark

Located on the Northern part of Konark Sun Temple, in Puri district of Odisha, Archaeological Survey of India Museum functions as a repository of 13th century India's finest architectural creations. The museum displays wonderful stone sculptures collected from ruins of the sun temple. Moreover, it has a reserve collection too. The museum is comprised of four galleries where around 260 antiquities are found on display. Each gallery has separate stone sculptures depending on their theme.

The first gallery has 62 antiquities which include sand stone sculpture of the Sun God, chlorite stone sculpture of a king in discussion, different incarnations of Lord Vishnu and many more.

The second gallery has 108 antique items among which religious figurines like statues of Dikpalas and heavenly bodies, floral carvings on stone, the drummer and giant face of crocodile etc have great artistic values.

The third gallery has 45 antique sculptures on display which include images of Surya Narayana, heavenly bodies mentioned in Hindu myths, a king and his followers, Gaja-Vyala and unique erotic figures. Some of the images are displayed in show cases as well.

The fourth gallery displays 45 antiquities. This part of the museum is the latest addition. It includes stone images of a roaring lion, remaining of a statue of Sun God, king watching a dance performance, couples in erotic poses, salabhanjikas, scroll works and many more unique elements.

The corridor of the museum is set with stone sculptures and antique objects collected from various parts of Odisha.