Museums in Aizawl

Attracting lakhs of tourists every year due to its serene beauty, the city of Aizawl also has quite too much to explore that again leads to influx of travellers. Being located at a convenient place, the land also serves as a stopover on the way to other tourist destinations in the area. A lot of people visit Aizawl to take a 360 degree view of the roots of the country, India. For all those who are keen to get well-versed with the extremely rich heritage and glorious history of India, a visit to the Museums seems to be a must. Through these well equipped museums, one would be able to dig into the legends of the past and get to know much about the country's former lifestyle and culture.

Museums preserve certain artefacts, olden relics, traditional dossiers and such stuff of ancient times. And, most importantly, all this is preserved by the government of India.Most of the Aizwal Museums talk about the detailed items from the pre Independence and also of the phase when India was struggling for freedom from the Britishers. These museums even elaborate on the methods and strategies through which India attained Independence.

Souvenirs like Mahatma Gandhi's special belongings, for instance his clothes - his dhoti and kurta, his walking stick, chappals (those are his slippers), sculptures, photographs and even paintings from the Satyagraha movement can be found inside the museums here. Many other Aizawl Museums exhibit several science items such as those on Biology, physics and science exhibitions, displaying dinosaurs coupled with a complete pack on multimedia. This will be a true treat to your kids as it will entertain and educate them to understand end experience science more closely!! Shifting the focus from subjects like - science and history, museums are also specifically designed for Railways.

Some of the museums in Aizawl showcase - when was the rail engine introduced and how it functions and looks like. Besides this, you can also witness several types of engines, build your know-how about them and also learn about the machinery. There is a Doll museum for girls, which is nothing less than a paradise for your li'll angel. To mention, all the dolls in the world are exhibited in most of the Museums in Aizawl. Sounds interesting....right!!.

Mizoram State Museum

Address : Macdonald Hill, Zarkawt

Timing : Monday - Friday : 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Saturday : 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Closed : Sunday

Mizoram State Museum

The small Mizoram State Museum in Aizawl has an eclectic collection of wildlife specimens and tribal weapons. Visit here to grab a quick look of the captivating culture of this exquisite town.

Located in the heart of the town, Mizoram State Museum, accommodates several items that unravel the cultural heritage of the state. Established in 1977, this museum spells out record of 2500 items, each of which confirms the multifarious past and traditional background of Mizoram. The entire gallery at the ethnological museum is dedicated to tribes of Mizoram.

Items stored in the museum comprise of photographs, musical instruments, archaeological objects and natural history specimens. The most widely loved is the one that unleashes clothing of the tribes of Mizoram. This tiny museum is positioned close to the Chief Minister's Bungalow.

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, Aizawal

Address : Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, Aizawl

Timing : N/A

Closed : N/A

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre

Welcome to an insight to the Mizo's handicrafts! Located at the 7 km of distance from the main town of Aizawl, Luangmual Handicrafts Centre is a well-renowned centre specialising in handicrafts in the region. It is here that the traditional bamboo hat Khumu is finished. The famous ceremonial hat is prepared with wild Hnahthial leaves. These leaves are exclusive to the hilly terrain.

Here are also available an array of artefacts such as jewellery baskets made of bamboo, wicker baskets, wooden articles and hand woven purses, etc at much economic prices.