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Situated on the Indo-Myanmar border, Chandel is considered to be the entry point to the neighbouring countries of India. The town was initially named Tengnoupal in the year 1974 but later it was in the year 1983 when it was given the name as Chandel. Being the least populated town in Manipur, the town is a must visit so that tourists can come and witness the beauty at its best. In addition to this, Chandel has also come to be known as the Gateway to Myanmar. To know more about this one of the nine districts of Manipur, browse through this travel guide and learn about what Tamenglong has to offer.

An Insight into Chandel Tourism

A wisp of culture, tradition, and a home to more than 20 native tribes, Chandel offers a unique identity to the tourists visiting the place, where colours of the cultures are blown all around the city. Even though the town is less populated and perhaps this is the reason why it gives the travellers a chance to get soaked in the alluring art forms along with vigorous music and dance.

Visiting Chandel, tourists will come across a number of tourist attractions that is perfect for both nature lovers as well as wildlife enthusiasts. The tourist attractions include the Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary home to multiple species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians as well as fish. Tengnoupal which provides a bird's eye view of Manipur valley. Also, to explore the natural beauty of Chandel one can take a walk to Moreh which is the gateway to Myanmar.

Other than this, Chandel is also blessed by the mother nature and it lets the tourists visiting the town come across different species of flora and fauna. In the sense, one can get an eye on the orchids and ornamental plants which are considered to be unique to the place. Also, the rare species of the plants include the Anisomeles Indica, Anotis Foetida and the Crassocephalum Crepidioides and some medicinal plants as well. Sighting animals are easy in the Chandel district as the town is a home to some of the rare animal species including the Hoolock Gibbon being found in this district.

Other than this one can even come across the slow loris, the stumped tailed macaque, clouded leopard and the golden cat, the pig-tailed macaque and more in Chandel. Not just this, but tourists can even get the chance to see the elephants from Myanmar that migrate to Chandel to escape from the extreme weather conditions. Perhaps this is the only reason why Chandel has been successful in experiencing a number of nature lovers from across who come here to lose themselves in the lap of the Mother Nature.

Visiting Chandel, tourist will also witness how the local people of about 20 tribal communities live here in harmony. Some of the tribes include Anal, Chothe, Mayon, Kukis, Maring, Paite, and Thadou. Not only this but there are people living in the town that belong to a different community and have come from outside that resided in Chandel. Apart from the indigenous tribes of the district, many non-Manipuri communities from outside have also come and now reside in Chandel including the Nepalese, Bengalis, Tamils, Punjabis and the Biharis. A visit to Chandel is sure to give a lot of experience to the tourists as one can find so much at one single place. Although the town can be visited at any time of the year, considering to visit during the winter season would help you capture the beauty of Chandel at its best with stunning sceneries and views.

Popular Points of Tourist Interest in Chandel

Chandel offers the tourists the places to visit that can help in exploring the beauty of one of the towns of Manipur. Whether it be nature lover or wildlife enthusiasts, tourists are going to fall in love with the place as the town offers plenty of things to see including the Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary, Tengnoupal that gives a bird’s eye view of the valley of Manipur and more. No matter what, but a visit to Chandel is sure to let the tourists make the most out of their trip by exploring the town wholeheartedly.

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