How to Reach Bhavnagar

How to Reach Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Travelers planning a trip to Bhavnagar can reach the destination via air, rail and road. See below for more details:

By Airways : Bhavnagar Airport, which is few kilometres from the town, is the nearest landing strip runway. Being a major hub of Gujarat, Bhavnagar is well-linked through airways with other business cities like Surat and Mumbai. Outside the airport, travelers will get local buses or taxis to reach the place comfortably.

By Railways : Bhavnagar enjoys excellent connectivity to all other parts of Gujarat and the rest of India by a network of railways.

By Roadways : Bhavnagar is linked to all important cities of Gujarat by excellently built highways. Traffic is dense, and it is best to travel by the state-owned transport corporation as well as private operators such as VTCOS (Vallabhipur Transportation Cooperative Society Pvt. Ltd.).

Distance Charts to Bhavnagar


Distance (Approx)


176 km


178 km


337 km


265 km


261 km