Best Time to Visit Bhavnagar

Best time to Visit Bhavnagar, Gujarat

October to December & January to March is an ideal time to visit Bhavnagar, Gujarat

With hot semi-arid climate, the weather in Bhavnagar broadly varies between warm, cool and rainy. The highest record temperature in the history of Bhavnagar was 54 °C (129 °F) on 26 May 1988 while the lowest record temperature was 2 °C (36 °F) on 11 December 1973. To know further about the weather details, see below for monthly breakup of Bhavnagar's climatic condition:

October to February (winters) Winters are the best time to visit Bhavnagar as the weather remains mild and pleasant and is a great time to enjoy the sights of the city. Also, this is the time when Bhavnagar hosts many festivals related to religion, film, drama, music and literature.

March to June (summers) Hottest months of the year are April, May and June, during which the temperature rises to 42°C. The month of June might mark the end of summer season, also during this time the city receives high rainfall.

July to September (monsoon) July marks the beginning of the monsoon season and a great time to witness the beauty of tourist attractions in Bhavnagar in its rain splashed splendours; however, the temperature remains humid due to its closeness to the coastal region. On an average, the city receives 550 m rainfall, so it is advisable to carry an umbrella or a raincoat and don't let the rain dampen your spirit of travel.

Wondering went to visit Bhavnagar? See below for the month-to-month temperature guide:

Months Minimum Maximum
January 11.8°C 28.3°C
February 13.9°C 30.4°C
March 18.9°C 35.6°C
April 23.7°C 39.8°C
May 26.2°C 41.5°C
June 27.2°C 38.4°C
July 25.6°C 33.4°C
August 24.6°C 31.8°C
September 24.2°C 34.0°C
October 21.1°C 35.8°C
November 16.6°C 32.8°C
December 13.2°C 29.3°C