Best Time to Visit Rajkot

Best Time to Visit Rajkot, Gujarat

October to December & January to March is ideal to visit Rajkot.

Months Minimum Maximum
January 14.2°C 28.7°C
February 15.2°C 29.4°C
March 18.4°C 31.3°C
April 22.1°C 31.8°C
May 25.2°C 32.0°C
June 26.9°C 32.0°C
July 26.2°C 30.5°C
August 25.2°C 29.5°C
September 24.3°C 30.8°C
October 22.3°C 33.5°C
November 19.3°C 33.0°C
December 16.0°C 30.4°C

Summer (March to June): 24°C- 42°C

The month of March marks the beginning of the summer season. Weather remains hot and humid during the summer season.

Monsoon (July to September):
On an average city receives 590 m rainfall during the monsoon season. Also, there are chances of a thunderstorm during the monsoon season.

Winter (October to March): 10°C- 22°C
Winters are the best time to visit Rajkot as the weather is mild and pleasant.