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Roshanara Bagh Delhi

Among the list of beautiful gardens that Delhi boasts about, there is one such garden whose some parts stand in ruins and some fresh and amazing as ever. Roshanara Bagh, a famous tourist spot in Delhi was the gift of Roshanara Begum, the beloved daughter of Shah Jahan. If we turn over the pages of history, then we get to know that Roshanara Bagh was built as a monumental park which was covered with the dense forests. With maintenance in some parts and negligible in the other, the palace of Roshanara Begum is all in ruins as compared to the park which is well kept and is a tourist spot. People flock in numbers here just to sit back or to indulge in different sports like badminton, cricket and more. While the pond of the park is a hub of migratory birds during winters, the lush side of the park which is full of orchards, shrubs, and garden is beautiful and worth spending some time. In the recent times, a rose garden and an Acupressure walkway were carved.


Roshanara Rd, Roshanara Garden, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

How to Reach?

Travellers have to deboard Pulbangash metro station to reach Roshanara Bagh as it is located at a distance of just 1.8km. The metro station falls on the Red Line of Delhi Metro.

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