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Khirki Masjid Delhi

Located in the settlement of Jahanpanah in Malviya Nagar, Khirki Masjid is one such ancient mosque which is known for unique architecture and historical significance. With more than 85 domes in its vicinity, the Khirki Masjid is said to be one of the finest Muslim heritage sites in Delhi that was constructed by Khan-i-Jahan Junan Shah, the vizier of the Feroz Shah Tuglaq (1351 to 1388) of the Tughlaq Dynasty. The unique name of this beautiful mosque goes after its perforated windows that add a magnificent charm on the upper floors. The term ‘Khirki’ is an Urdu term that refers to ‘window’, and therefore, it is also known as the ‘The Fort of Windows’. However, these windows serve as the source of ventilation and lightning in the courtyards. Built in the area of 87 sq mt, this mosque in Delhi is laid on an elevated platform, 3 metres of height, with an arched opening. Unlike the other mosques, the Khirki Masjid is a quadrangular-shaped mosque which is subdivided into two parts with each of the part having its own courtyard. Throughout the year, the masjid receives a lot of visitors from far and wide making it one of the prominent travel places in Delhi.

The history of this stunning says that it was constructed by Khan-i-Jahan Junan Telangani who was a Hindu by birth but later got converted into Islam. With Feroz Shah Tughlaq, Telangani built numerous forts, tombs, and mosques. It is said that, in order to prove his love and devotion towards the Islam religion, he built this imposing mosque in Jahanpanah city. However, the mosque does include any inscriptions that could tell its construction date, yet, the name of the builder, Khan-e-Jahan Junan Shah, can be seen inscribed on the eastern gate of the mosque. Since there was no epigraphic evidence on its construction, a research was carried out by Welch and Howard wherein they provide a conjecture by comparing the fort with other similar monuments of that particular period. As per the study, Khirki Masjid dates back to somewhere in between 1351 to 1354.


The construction of Khirki Masjid is quadrangular in shape that boasts a unique fusion of both Islamic and traditional Hindu architectural design. It is perched on a high elevated platform with 3 m of height. In total, there are four courtyards; each enclosed by arcades with square structural columns and around 60 pilasters. These open courtyards serve as the source of ventilation and light to the fort. Whereas, the roof is divided into 25 square, each of equal size, with 9 domes in each square. The architecture of the Khirki Mosque also includes 12 flat roofs which cover the roof of the fort. Moreover, there four corners in the fort that are embellished with three projecting gateways. The first one is located in the middle of corners. Whereas, the southern gate boasts a unique construction of both arch and trabeated with a rectilinear frame. However, the main gate has a protruding mihrab. Apart from this, on the second floor, there are arch windows with projecting tracery, called as Khirkis.

Opening/Closing Time

The mosque remains open all days from sunrise to sunset.

Location Address

A 107 Near Khirki Masjid, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017

Best Time to Visit

Since the mosque remains open throughout the year, and hence, one can visit the place at any time during the year.

How to Reach?

The nearest metro station to Khirki Masjid is Malviya Nagar which is located at a distance of 1.7 km. The station lies on Yellow Line Metro.

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