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Fatehpuri Masjid Delhi

In the year 1650, Fatehpuri Masjid was built by one of the Shah Jahan’s wife - Fatehpuri Begum. Located in Chandni Chowk, this mosque is a true specimen of the art of Mughal architecture, and thus, it stands out when it comes to heritage attractions of Delhi.  Buland Darwaza (Victory Gate) having a height of 54 m leads to the main entrance of the mosque. The gate was built to pay homage the military victory of Akbar in Gujarat. Inside the temple, there is a glorious white marble tomb of Shaikh Salim Chisti who was a great Sufi Saint. At the tomb, numerous threads on the jaalis (lattice screen) can be seen that are tied by the women who wish to have children. On the right of this tomb, there lie the tombstones of the family members of Shaikh Salim Chisti. Moreover, in its nearby, there is an entrance to the underground tunnel (now barred) which leads to the Agra Fort. Apart from this, the main mosque which is built on a three-and-a-half feet elevated platform is flanked by two imposing minarets.

Whereas, the prayer hall includes seven arched openings; the central one with domes on both sides is the highest of all. These arches and domes are embellished with the strips of white marble. It is said that during the Mughal era, the mosque was adorned with beautiful fountains and a large central tank. In the year 1857 when the British occupied the mosque, all the fountains and tank was damaged by the British troops. Some of the troops even carved their names on the stunning red stone walls of the mosque. All these disorders continued to happen until the mosque was handed back to the authorities. During this period, the British auctioned the mosque to Rai Lala Chunnamal, however, late in 1877 it was acquired by the government in return of four villages. Being one of the prominent Muslim pilgrimage sites in Delhi, Fatehpur Masjid with all faith and ardour celebrates various special events like Eid-ul-Fitr and  Eid-ul-Zuha. During these days, a large number of devotees from far and wide come to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of the Almighty.

Spacious Structure

The construction of this beautiful mosque in Delhi boasts Mughal architecture with an element of Persian and Indian design. The entire mosque is built with red sandstone which adds a unique charm in the grandeur of this beautiful tourist place in Delhi. Besides, the mosque has three gates; the first one is right in the front of Red Fort, whereas, the other two are located on the north and south side. The north end is Khari Baoli and the south end is Katra Baryan. There also a courtyard located in the centre of the mosque which is also laid with red sandstones. Moreover, the mosque complex also includes verandas with a height of 12 ft that are built on both sides of the arch. In the courtyard, there is a large tank which is now used for washing and cleansing. Furthermore, the pulpit of the mosque is made up of white marble.

Opening/Closing Time

Fatehpur Masjid in Delhi remains open all day, and hence, one can visit at any time during the year.

Location Address

Chandni Chowk Rd, Marg, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi - 110006

Best Time to Visit

Since the mosque remains open all day which allows one to visit this place in any season. However, the days of Eid-ul-Zuha and Eid-ul-Fitr marks the presence of pilgrims in large number, and hence, one can prefer to visit the place during this time.

How to Reach?

Both Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazar serve as the nearest metro stations to Fatehpur Masjid. The distance to the mosque from both the stations is almost the same which is around 1.1 km and 1.2 km, respectively. Moreover, these stations lie on Yellow Line metro.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Since the mosque is located at Chandni Chowk - one of the busiest places in Delhi, which also houses a number of major tourist attractions of Delhi. After performing pilgrimage at Fatehpur Masjid, you can also choose to visit these attractions which are located in the near proximity to the mosque.

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