Where to Go for Trekking in Sikkim Himalaya?

Where to Go for Trekking in Sikkim Himalaya?
Last Updated: July 8, 2019

Evidently, trekking and hiking is the best way to see the real Sikkim. The tricky topography and the splendid landscape with green rolling hills that kiss the azure sky, the sprawling forests that often pave way to gorgeous waterfalls and sparkling lakes makes trekking all the more exciting and challenging in the Sikkim Himalaya. A popular Indian Himalaya destination, Sikkim beguile adventure enthusiasts to have unparalleled experience. Assuring some of the finest treks in India, Sikkim offers the authentic flavour of thrill to adventure seekers and bestows on them manifold options that ranges from easy hikes to difficult treks.

What we have here is a list of some enthralling treks in Sikkim that promise sheer fun and adventure:

Green Lake Trek

green-lake-trek Unveiling the first trek from Sikkim travel guide is Green Lake Trek. Undoubtedly one of the best treks in Sikkim, it offers imposing views of lofty peaks. Also, the blushing red rhododendrons, blue poppies and multi-hued primulas and the chance to spot different species of birds makes trekking eventful here. The trek flags off from Lachen, which is about 106kms away from Gangtok and via Talem, Jakthang and Yabuk, one finally reaches Green Lake base camp, which is situated 5050m above sea level. The best time to go on Green Lake trek is between April and May and again between October and November. On an average it takes about 11 to 12 days to complete this trek.

Singalila Trek

singalila-trek Singalila Trek is a popular trek in Sikkim as it offers great views of four majestic summits namely, Everest, Makalu, Kangchenjunga and Lhotse. Also known as the Uttarey Singalila trek, this trekking expedition also offers an opportunity to explore 5 to 7 high altitude lakes in Sikkim. Flagged off from Uttarey, which is situated at a distance of about 139kms from Gangtok, the trek covers places like Chewabhanjyang, Dhor, Parey Megu, Lam Pokhari, Gomathang, Pangding, Dzongri and Thangshing. An ideal trek for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts as it covers some part of the Singalila National Park. The best time for Singalila Trek is between March and June and between September and Mid October; it will take at least 14 days to be completed.

There is another trek that is known as Everest Singalila Trek that has its base in Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. The trek is popular as it offers the view of Kanchanjunga range and Mt. Everest. Starting from Bagdogra, the trail covers destination like Hee Bermiok to finally reach Barsey. It is a strenuous trek, but the effort is worth it especially considering that you get to enjoy the breathtaking views that the trail has to offer.

Kasturi Odar Trek

Kasturi-Odar-Trek Another adventurous trek in Sikkim is the Kasturi Odar Trek. Passing through Goecha La this trek is a demanding trek and needs at least 15 days time to complete. En route Gangtok, Yuksam, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangsing, Lamuni, Goecha La and Chamerea, one can finally reach Kasturi Odar. The rhododendron forests, Mt. Kanchanjunga, the multi-coloured Prayer Flags and Talung Glacier are the highlights of this trek. The best time to go for Kasturi Odar Trek is between March and June and between September and November.

Dzongri Trek

dzongri-trek Offering the best view, Dzongri trek lets you explore an essential and scenic part of Sikkim. This easy trek begins from the mesmerizing Yuksam and covers destinations like Bakkhim and Phedang and runs through Oak forests that are mostly festooned with rhododendron, magnolia pine and maple. The trek is often tagged as the paradise for trekkers because of its impeccable beauty. The view of Mt. Pandim, Thangsing River and Mt. Kanchanjunga makes it one of the best trekking trails in Sikkim. The best time for trekking in Dzongri is between Mid March and May and from September to November. The trek takes around 7 to 8 days to complete.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

kanchenjunga-base-camp-trek It is one of the most difficult treks in Sikkim but at the same the most fascinating one as well. Paying off well to the courage and zeal of the trekkers this trekking trail offers splendid views of Sikkim and Mt. Kanchenjunga. The trek is flagged off from Yuksom and the trail runs through Bakkhim, Dzongri, Bikhbari, Doodhpokhari, Chaurikhang and Rathong Glacier. Waterfalls, Rivers, Alpine Forests, Mountain Peaks, Viburnum Gardens, Laxmi Pokhari Lake and Wild Yaks are the highlights of this trek. The best time to go for Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is between March and May and from September to November. The trek takes approximately 8 days to be completed.

Kanchenjunga Trek

singalila-kanchenjunga-trek One of the most popular treks in Sikkim, Kanchenjunga trek is a 15 to 25 days expedition (depending upon the number of destinations included). The trek is strenuous yet it offers unmatched view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, colourful floral showcase and opportunity to view different bird species. Flagged off from Yuksom, the trail traverses through Tshoka, Dzongri, Thangsing, Lamune, Samiti, Goecha La and Kokchurung. It also covers the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. The best time for Kanchenjunga trek is between March and May and again between September and November.

Goecha La Trek

goecha-la-trek Reckoned to be one of the most romantic treks in India, Goecha La is an unforgettable trek for many trekkers. The walk through the Tshoka rhododendron forests along with the blue water of Samiti Lake and the sprawling meadows in Thangsing are the highlights of this trek. When you walk through the icy trail that finally leads to Goecha La, there is no better feeling than that! The trail covers destinations like Yuksom, Sachen, Tshoka, Phedang, Dzongri, Kokchurang, Thangsing and Lamune. It is a 9 days trek and the best time to go for it is the period from March – May and also from mid September – November.

Sandakphu Trek

sandakphu-trek A short yet absolutely adventurous trek is Sandakphu Trek. Offering the vistas of spectacular natural beauty that Sikkim is blessed with, Sandakphu trek starts from Manebhanjan (Darjeeling). The awe-aspiring view of Kangchendzonga, Everest, Lhotse and Makalu along with the walk through the oak forests that is naturally decorated with varieties of rhododendron is the major attractions of this trek. Starting from Manebhanjan, the trekking route further follows Meghma, Tonglu, Tumling, Gairibas, Kala Pokhri, and Bekhey and finally leads to Sandakphu. This trek only takes 4 to 5 days to complete and the best time for it is between March and May and again between Mid September and November.

Sikkim Kanchenjunga Trek

kanchenjunga-trek As an adventure buff, one keeps pushing his limits and for such adventure freaks Sikkim Kanchenjunga trek is appropriate. It is a tough trek but worthy of all the efforts with the breathtaking view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the opportunity to traverse through some of the most beautiful destinations of Sikkim. The trek takes up 20 to 25 days to complete and begins at Yuksom. The trekking trail runs through Tshoka, Dzongri, Thangsing, Samiti Lake, Lam Pokhari, Kasturi La, Kasturi Odar, Labdang, Tashiding and Martam. Witness the majesty of several glaciers, appreciate the beauty of semi-tropical forests and marvel at the graceful Tibetan monasteries; Sikkim Kanchenjunga trek indeed promises a lifetime experience!

Varsey Trek

varsey trek High altitude lakes, orchids and variety of birds, sprawling tea gardens along with splendid natural surroundings, Varsey trek offers the best trekking opportunity in Sikkim! It takes about 10 days to complete this trek that is full of adventure and sheer excitement. The trek begins from Rumtek and cuts and runs through Themi Tea Estate, Pemayangtse and Phur Cha Cho (Sulphur Water Spring). The best time for Varsey Trek is anywhere between April and May.

Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga Trek

darjeeling-to-kanchenjuga Perfect for adventure enthusiasts who like high altitude treks, Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga trek is the stretched adventure holiday! Starting from the Manay Bhanjang (Darjeeling), the trek offers impeccable mountain sceneries, view of Kanchenjunga, Jannu, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyo and a closer look at numerous traditional villages en route. This trek is a gateway for the detailed exploration of the surreal landscape and culture of Sikkim. The trail runs through Tonglu, Garibas, Phalut, Raman, Rimbik and then follows one of the most popular trekking routes in Sikkim that include destinations like Tshoka, Dzongri, Thangsing, Samiti Lake, Labdang, Tashiding and Martam. This trek will take at least 20 days to complete and the best time for this trek is between March and May and again between September and November.

Rhododendron Flowers Trek

Rhododendron-Flowers-Trek If you are nature lover but not quite the trekker, you will like the Rhododendron trek. It is a short and an easy trek that can be done within 5 to 7 days. Covering mostly the region of West Sikkim that has the rambling Rhododendron forest, Rhododendron trek is quite popular amongst amateur trekkers. There are a number of routes for Rhododendron trek in Sikkim and one such route starts from Yuksom and runs through Uttarey Valley, Achhaly, Kalijhar, Danra Barkhey, Deoningali Dhap and Barsey. The best time to go on the Rhododendron trek is in the months of April and May, when these lovely flowers are in full blossoming season.

Trekking in Indian Himalaya is amongst the most exhilarating experience of life. The impeccable landscape and views with the pristine surroundings can win over any heart. Next time when you are planning to trek in India, do not forget to include this gorgeous destination called Sikkim in your list!

Published: 14 Jul, 2014
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