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Where to Visit in Uttarakhand and Himachal For Adventure, Chilling, and Finding Peace for a Post-Lockdown Holiday?

The scrapping of travel bans from Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh is such a relief! We have all missed the mountains so much, and now finally we have the opportunity to head to the places where our hearts belong. If you are anything like me, you must be confused about where to visit in Uttarakhand and Himachal because let’s face it, we always are! But worry not, I come bearing good news. Here is a blog that can help you choose your first post-Covid-19 holiday in the mountains. Shall we begin then?

Best Places to Visit in Uttarakhand and Himachal For a Post-Covid-19 Holiday
S. NoDestinationHoliday TypeRegion
1Chopta ChandrashilaTrekking & NatureUttarakhand
2DeoriatalTrekking & NatureUttarakhand
3Chandrakhani PassTrekking & NatureHimachal
4NainitalPopular Hill StationUttarakhand
5ManaliPopular Hill StationHimachal
6DharamshalaPopular Hill StationHimachal
7MussooriePopular Hill StationUttarakhand
8DalhousiePopular Hill StationHimachal
13Bir BillingAdventureHimachal
14New TehriAdventureUttarakhand

Treks That You Can Do to Bring That Kick Back!

Devaria Tal Uttarakhand

Chopta Chandrashila: Trekkers will be trekkers and they would want nothing but their comfy pair of shoes and a trail they can walk on. Now that Uttarakhand is open for trekking again, why not go for one of the best treks – Chopta Chandrashila. An easy trek, Chopta Chandrashila can be your recovery trek if you are planning something big in the coming winter months. This trek can be done in a single day but it can offer memories of a lifetime. On a single day, you get to an elevation of 4000 m on the Chandrashila Peak from where the view can truly blow your mind.

Deoriatal: Here’s another trek in Chopta Valley in Uttarakhand that can also be a celebratory trek of not losing your adventure streak during this pandemic. Deoriatal as the name suggests, is a beautiful lake that requires a 3-4 km trek to reach. One can also enjoy camping close to the lake overnight.

Chandrakhani Pass: If after this pandemic, you are feeling way too adventurous, then might I suggest that Chandrakhani Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is ideal for you. Situated at an altitude of 3360 m, Chandrakhani Pass trek boasts picturesque trekking trail and jaw-dropping views of Deo Tibba Peak, Pir Panjal and Parbati Range of Peaks. This trek can bring back that trekking spirit back and remind you of how strong you are. 

Places That Never Go Out of Style

Nainital Lake Boating

Nainital: Being a traveller myself, I know how we have all missed visiting our favourite destination this year. And for some, that favourite destination is Uttarakhand’s Nainital. I mean, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be.

It has that perfect lake, which is also its lifeline; the Mall Road, where we all love to stroll any time of the day (mostly after 6pm); and the Tibetan Market, for that perfect retail therapy and those lip-smacking momos and thukpa. And there are of course other attractions in Nainital like the Ropeway, Snow View Point, Tiffin Top, China Peak etc. that I am sure you would have missed not seeing this year. But hey! it’s all open now, so start packing your bags!

Manali: Oh Manali, Manali, Manali! There is no place like it and obviously, this Himachal’s popular tourist place is where we have all missed paying our visit to this year. But with the lifting of all the travel bans in Himachal, Manali is open again and anticipating your visit. So, you now have a chance to be amidst those lofty snow-capped Himalayan peaks and enjoy the incredible vibe of its Mall Road, cafes, Old Manali area. Packing your bags already?

Dharamshala: Talking about vibes, here’s another popular destination in Himachal that has such welcoming vibes that make you visit here whenever you can. Don’t we all love how everything in this town has the perfect backdrop of the giant Himalayan mountains? 

Although, the monastery in Mcleodganj is also equally picturesque! And oh the cricket stadium and the Bhagsu Falls, well they are pretty impressive, don’t you think. Well, now that the travel ban has lifted, I am sure, you do want to visit Dharamshala, maybe for a weekend holiday. 

Mussoorie: The Queen of Hill Stations might have missed this year’s tourist rush but it is up and thriving again with the Uttarakhand Government lifting the travel ban. The Mall Road, the Kempty Falls, the sunset at Char Dukaan and the quietude of Landour are all back for the grabs! So plan that long-awaited trip to Mussoorie and tell 2020 that it can’t defeat you.

Dalhousie: If you leave it up to me, I will book your yearly trip to Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh because it is just so gorgeous! The colonial-style buildings against the picturesque backdrop of the Himalayan peaks adorned with cedar trees is a kind of scenery I am sure you are missing right now. And then of course, how can we even miss the meadow of Khajjiar? Ah, Dalhousie is such a bliss and I am glad it is open again for tourism because we all need a vacation here.

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Places to Reconnect and Reacquaint with Nature

Nature Holidays

Mukteshwar: I am sure, you too had a vacation amidst the tranquility of nature and beauty of mountains planned in your head all this time. Well, now the time has come to finally live this dream and what better place than Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand can make this experience count? 

Nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas, Mukteshwar is everything you need for a relaxing holiday amidst nature and mountains. Not to mention, it has some of the prettiest resorts and homestays, and the views, oh, you will never get bored of them. So, yes, Mukteshwar is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking forward to a simple yet exotic holiday in the mountains.

Pangot: This heart-shaped village is a mini version of a paradise if you enjoy birdwatching. Pangot along with a few other destinations around Nainital is a base for a large number of Himalayan birds. So, no brownie points on guessing what your vacation here would entail.

As small and rustic this place it seems, it has some modern hotels and homestays that offer a staying experience. It’s a place where you can wake up to the sound of birds and end your day watching maybe 20-30 kinds of birds. So, if you are a birdwatcher in search of a holiday, Pangot in Uttarakhand is the best option for you.

Theog: If you are in Delhi and have just a weekend to spare, Theog in Himachal Pradesh is the best place for you. Given the fact that we all deserve this break from staying in a box for just too long, thanks to Coronavirus, arrgh! Theog makes a great place where you can just get lost in the beauty of nature and forget about everything else. If you wish, you can hike around Theog, I mean what better way to reconnect with nature, right? Then there is the famous Hatu Peak, the second highest peak in Himachal Pradesh and the equally popular Hatu Mandir for you to see in Theog. 

Jibhi: I couldn’t recommend Jibhi more, if you are seeking a vacation amidst nature. Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh is as close as I have come to a hidden paradise. It ticks all the right boxes for your reacquaintance with nature – mountains, greenery, lake, waterfall, peace, lesser-known, and great for trout fishing. The best part is, you get to do many treks around Jibhi and then spend evenings listening to the sound of the river and sipping some hot tea or the good ol’ rum and coke.

Bonus Trip Ideas: Places to Feel the Adrenaline Rush Again

Paragliding Adventure

Bir Billing: It’s been more than half a year and we haven’t really got any real adventure to enjoy. And more than anything, I have missed this particular feeling of adrenaline rush. But now no more because it is time for some action! Bir Billing is open and is inviting adventurers for some great experience of paragliding. The reason you should visit Bir Billing right now is it won’t have its usual crowd since it is mostly thronged by foreign tourists who spend months here learning and practising paragliding. If you have been to this place in Himachal before, you know what I am talking about but if you haven’t so far, then trust me, this is indeed the right time to visit. 

New Tehri: Looking for camping and watersports adventure? Well, New Tehri can be a perfect choice. This budding tourist destination in Uttarakhand is primarily known for being home to India’s highest dam. The dam has a lake which now has become a hub of watersports like jet skiing and kayaking. There’s also an array of camps that allow quite an adventurous experience for tourists. 

Rishikesh: Oh, I can’t believe how much I missed Rishikesh and I am sure many of you must have. Rishikesh has an insane vibe to it, you just cannot go there only once! Apart its several other attractions, Rishikesh is the hub of adventures and if it doesn’t look like an exaggeration, then may I say that it is the best place for river rafting and bungee jumping in India, period. So, if at all there is one place to celebrate your victory over this whole 2020 curse, a river rafting or bungee jumping adventure in Rishikesh is the best way to do it. 

Now, no more waiting, call your friends or family and pack those bags and head out for a memorable holiday at a destination of your choice in Uttarakhand or Himachal. If you need our help for planning your trip and ensuring your safety, give us a call 
or drop an email. We have some great packages and discounts and above all a safe and hygienic holiday planned for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Has Uttarakhand removed all the travel bans?

Yes, Uttarakhand has removed all the travel bans and those visiting for less than 7 days do not even require a Covid-19 negative test report. However, registering on http://dsclservices.org.in/apply.php is mandatory.

Q.Has Himachal removed all the travel bans?

Yes, Himachal Pradesh has lifted all the travel bans. However, its Kinnaur and Spiti regions are still not open to tourists.

Q.Is it safe to visit Himachal and Uttarakhand now?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit Himachal and Uttarakhand. The state governments are taking all the measures to ensure the safety of the tourists as well as of the locals. 

Q.Is trekking and other adventure activities allowed in Himachal and Uttarakhand now?

Yes, trekking and other adventure activities have been allowed in both Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Q.What should one do to ensure their safety while travelling in Himachal and Uttarakhand?

Abiding by the Ministry of Health guidelines is likely to keep you safe while travelling. Amongst the many things, ensure to:

  • Wear a mask when at public places
  • Use sanitizer before and after you touch something
  • Try maintaining social distance of 6 feet
  • Don’t touch your mask with unsanitized hands
  • Ask the drivers to sanitize their cars before you board them

Published: 08 Oct, 2020

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