Dubai Shopping Festival 2019-2020: How to Plan Trip from India?

Best Way to Enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival 2019-2020

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I have enough clothes said no shopaholic ever and I believe it is a worldwide acclaimed fact! When you are happy, you shop, when you are sad, hence, retail therapy comes to your rescue. So now, if I tell you that Dubai Shopping Festival 2019-2020 is returning, what will your reaction be? This extravaganza which is absolutely loaded with whopping discounts on clothes, jewellery, toys, furniture and vehicles happens for more than 30 days, gives you reasons enough to plan that long pending Dubai holiday from India. Because let’s face it, we Indians love being on a shopping spree especially when the best products fits our budget right, and Dubai Shopping Festival is going to be just about it. Need yet another reason to visit Dubai? Well, the festival commences in the last week of December and continues till January, which are indeed the best months to plan a vacation to Dubai, as the weather remains quite pleasant here during this time of the year. So being the die hard shopaholic that you are I don’t think you would let slide this festival, so go ahead and get the credit cards ready and plan that oh so perfect tour through Dubai Shopping Festival 2019-2020!

So, let the race begin to have a notch over others by carrying an extra designer bag home. Dubai Shopping Festival 2019-2020 is ready to give you the key to the city from 26th December 2019 to 01st February 2020. Where the festival takes place in Gold Souk, Night Souk, Al Fahidi Fort, Gold Souk,The Layali Dubai Concert, Deira City Centre, DSF Desert Camp, Asianet Film Awards, Al Seef Street, Mall of the Emirates, Festival Waterfront Centre, Dragon Mart, Mercato Shopping Mall, Lamcy Plaza and Lulu Village and many more places like these in Dubai. Want to be a part of it? Well, here is all you need to know about planning your Dubai shopping festival tour from India.

Ways to Reach Dubai from India

Ways to Reach Duabi from India

By Air: Land on Dubai International Airport as it is the only one harboured here to reach the beautiful city and the busiest for the same reason. It is located some 15 Kms away from Downtown Dubai, the city centre. The other way to touch down in the city is by reaching the other emirates of Shariah and Abu Dhabi and travel rest of the way by road.

How to Get Visa for Dubai from India?

Visa in Dubai

Indian Nationals who possess a normal passport which is valid for a duration of minimum six months from the date of arrival and a green card or visit visa issued by the USA which is also valid for six months, are able to procure avail a visa on arrival to stay over for a maximum of 14 days for a change of AED 120 which is variable. Besides, one can also apply if they want to extend their stay for another 14 days by paying AED 250 which is conditional.

Booking the Right Hotel, because Comfort is the Key…

Luxurious Stay in Dubai

Luxury embedded in every corner of Dubai is how most of us imagine the city to be. While there are a number of luxurious hotels in Dubai like Burj Al Arab, Taj Dubai, Melia Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai and many such more. But at the same time, the city doesn’t break the heart of travellers who want to spend more on shopping and save when it comes to accommodation. There are a number of budget hotels present in the city and for an even better experience, there are apartments one can book from online sites where you will get the exact home-like feel.

Refill those Wallets with Foreign Currency…

Currency of Dubai Dirham

Take a break from splashing out the Indian currency and experience the feel of spending the UAE Mollahs which is known as dirham in Dubai. The value of 1 Indian Rupee = 0.052 UAE Dirham. There are 100 fils in a Dirham. The denomination of the currency is as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000 same as the Indian way. Coins are in the form of 5, 10, 25 and 50 fils and AED1.

Make a Style Statement…

Holidays in Dubai

You must have heard people say that when in Dubai, you can expect hot summery days and comparatively pleasant nights. So once here, beat the heat and carry those extra Sunblocks, cotton clothes, sunglasses, and caps. Talking precisely, if you wish to spend some time on the beach carry the appropriate beach wear whereas a tour to the traditional markets and local areas should be taken in well-covered clothes cause after all it’s a happening and conservative city at the same time.

What to take Home from the Festival…

Things to buy in Dubai

Gold Jewellery: Called as the ‘City of Gold’ by some, Dubai is that one place to find the best of gold jewellery which without fulfills the standard of purity, originality and not at all behind when it comes to adapting the latest fashion trends.

Fashion Products: Shop in the name of love, shop when there is no love as there you will not get enough of the number of brands that open doors for you with amazing deals being a bonus. Brands like Armani Jeans, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Prada and many such more come forth with products like clothing, perfumes, leather products, beauty product range, and what not.

Home Decor: For those who love the decor and adding more flavours to their home is what they personally enjoy, then you can easily find a wide variety of wall arts, carpets and many more products lined up especially for you.

Tech Products: The tech-savvy would know that what’s expensive in India is cheap in the rest of the world. And it’s not just cheap but cheaper than you thought as Dubai is free from taxes and hence it’s your time to take home that Apple, Sony, Bose products home.

Dry Fruits & Spices: Instead of missing the typical flavours of Dubai cuisine once you land back home, you can actually shop for the authentic spices and dry fruits sold in the markets of the city.

Food to Set Your Eyes on…

Hummus Food in Dubai

Manousheh: A must try if you love pizza as much as you love shopping. This delicacy is basically a flatbread served with different toppings like za’atar herbs, akkawi cheese and just a bit of olive oil inside it.

Falafel: Made with love is this dish of Falafel served as a pita bread whose main ingredient is the deep fried chickpeas for the authentic lip-smacking taste.

Chelo Kebab: Another dish you will remember and crave for more is the Chelo Kebab which is the national dish of Iran. It is served with freshly cooked rice and one of the many different varieties of kebab.

Shawarma: Once here, without a doubt, you have to try the mouth-watering delicacies like Shawarma which is the most popular signature dish of Dubai. The dish is basically a pita bread which is meat filling which you can decide and TADDA the Shawarma is done. To add more flavours, one can try it with hummus, pickle or tahini.

Hummus: You won’t be able to stop yourself from trying this savory Arabic and Middle Eastern dip if you are in Dubai. Tasted and tried with pita bread mostly, this dip hides ingredients like chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, garlic and many more in it making it a favourite worldwide.

Where once it is called a gem, on the other applauded as the ‘City of Gold’, this glamorous and luxurious city of Dubai can undeniably be called one of the most popular travel destination. The city with its charming tourist attractions can cast a spell on anyone but its Shopping Festival will always be in the talks and you would nod your head because you also know it. And hence I guess you have enough reason to pack your bags to visit Dubai shopping festival 2019-2020 for the ultimate shopping experience. In a dilemma? You have us as your saviour for amazing travel packages curated especially for you. Call us at +91-9212553106 or drop us an email at to learn about our best Dubai tour packages.

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