Types of Safari in Corbett National Park

There are unique ways to experience the conventional wildlife tours in Corbett and this oldest wildlife destination in India offers its best. The safaris in Corbett give a clear and appealing feel amidst the raw nature. Being home to some unique flora and fauna, Corbett allows one to come in close contact with the majestic species via safaris. Corbett tiger reserve provides two types of safaris - Jeep and Canter. All vehicles provide an open air sitting to help you get a good view during your wildlife tour.

Both the safaris offer the on-lookers with great sight. Safari via jeep is best experienced if you like small groups. The jeep safari will offer you a convenient sightseeing experience and it accommodates 6 passengers. With only a few tourists on board, jeep is the better option for a hassle free clicks and comfort to gaze at the species. Canter Safari offers a playful ride inside Corbett National Park. A canter can accommodate around 16 people and is a budget-friendly way of wildlife safari in Corbett National Park. Through Canter you can get a wider and higher view of the park. It is the best option for those who want to tour securely around the wild; it is a good option for family holidays travelling with children.