Kedar Ghat Varanasi

There are many things that make Kedar Ghat one of the most popular ghats in Varanasi. Apart from the fabulous views the ghat offers, it houses the famous Kedareshwar Temple (after which the ghat has been named) dedicated to Lord Eshwar (Shiva) and the Gauri Kund, (pond) which lies at the base of the temple. The temple is believed to be a replica of the famous Kedarnath Temple located in Uttarakhand. It is believed to be the second most crowded ghat in Varanasi after Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Visit the ghat at any given day and you will observe a lot of devotees from South India, bathing and offering prayers in the temple. It stands out from the other temples dotting the various ghats in Varanasi because of its distinct South Indian architecture. The Gauri Kund, (pond) which is a part of the temple's complex, remains mostly dry except during monsoons when it's filled to the brim. It is believed that the wooden slippers (called Khadau in Sanskrit) worn by Saint Tulsidas (a famous Vaishnavite saint and composer of Ramayana) can be found here.

The ghat should be visited especially during the evenings when the aarti is performed. It is filled with devotees and tourists during the holy month of Sravan (July/August). The unanimous chanting of rhythms, lighting of diyas and ringing of bells purifies the surroundings and creates a spiritual aura. If you are into photography, then you can click some excellent photos.

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