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Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi : It is believed that this is the place where about 5,000 years ago lord Krishna was born in the prison of King Kansa. While excavating this area, many old statues were found which are now displayed in the museum. At present this place has a beautiful temple of lord Krishna.

Dwarkadish Temple : Built in 1814 in the center of the town, it is the most visited temple in Mathura. This temple is managed by followers of Vallabhacharya. Located in the eastern part of Mathura, not far from the Yamuna River, it is architecturally interesting: the temple carving and paintings are major attractions. The temple is a hub of activity during the festive days of Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali.

Gita Mandir : On the road to Vrindaban it is a modern temple with fine paintings and carvings on the walls depicting themes from Hindu mythology. The whole of Bhagwad Gita is inscribed on a pillar called Gita Stambh.

Ghats : The Ghats of Mathura are of great architectural, cultural and ritual interest, for devotees from far and wide. There are 25 holy tirthas (bathing places or ghats) in Mathura. Visram Ghat is in the middle and there are 12 more south of Visrama Ghat and 12 ghats north. Those in the south extend to Moksa Ghat. Some pilgrims take bath in all 25 tirthas before beginning Braja Mandala parikrama. Asi Ghat, Prayaga Ghat, Chakra Tirtha Ghat, Krishna Ganga, Dhruva Ghat and Visrama Ghat are still known by the same names.

Sati Burj : 17 mt. high, built of red sandstone in 1570 AD, is a slim tower which commemorates the death of a noble lady - widow of Raja Bihari Mal of Amer who committed sati. The four storeyed tower was erected by Raja Bhagwan Das on the right bank of the Yamuna at Sati Ghat

The Government Museum : The Government Museum, Mathura originally founded by F.S. Growse in 1874, is today one of the leading centres for research, study and the preservation of Mathura' s splendid heritage of art. The museum housed in a fine octagonal, red sandstone building, located at Dampier Park, has the largest collection of Kushana sculptures in the country. The Museum has also fine collections of stone sculpture and terracotta, gold, silver and copper coins, clay seals, ancient pottery, paintings and bronzes.

Kusuma Sarovara : It is a 460-feet long lake with the platforms going out 60 feet into the water. A 25-minute walk from Radha Kunda, it is the best swimming spot in Braja. Legend has it that the gopis would pick flowers from here for Krishna. After going to Radha Kunda one can spend a relaxing hour here. It is a peaceful place. The ghatas at this kunda were built by Jawahir Singh around 1764.

Jama Masjid : The Jama Masjid with its four lofty minarets and bright mosaic, built in 1661 AD, by Abd-un Nabir Khan, on the ruins of Keshav Deo temple, which was destroyed earlier.

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