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Ukhrul Travel Guide

Being the highest hill station in Manipur, Ukhrul is mesmerising district of Manipur that is a must visit and sure to grab the attention of the tourists. The enchanting and the beautiful view of the Ukhrul town is far away from the infuriating crowd, the cacophony of cars, the towering and congested buildings. Tourists visiting the heaven-like town is sure to provide plenty of options for a sightseeing tour including the Shiroi Peak or Shirui Kashung which is a place popular for the Shirui Lily. All the more the district is famous for the beautiful Shirui Lily, Lilium Mackliniae Sealy which are only supposed to be grown on the peak of Shirui Kashung.

An Insight into Ukhrul Tourism

A small hill station located at a distance of 81 km away from Imphal, Ukhrul is no less than a paradise to the ones who love greenery. Taking a walk in the beautiful hill station, tourists come across the Siroy lily, which can also be spelled as Shirui, is an exotic variety of a flower that is found only in the Ukhrul district. The research was first made by Frank Kingdon-Ward, who was an English botanist and found out the distinctive quality of the flower. The locals of Ukhrul call the Siroy Lily Kashong Won which is mostly found in the Shirui Kashung or Shiroi Peak.

Also, a visit to Ukhrul provides the tourists with numerous tourist attractions that makes Ukhrul Tourism a unique experience. When in Ukhrul tourists can make a visit to the popular parks, peaks and waterfalls that are around the city. Out of all the others, the Duncan Park and El Shaddai Park are the ideal attractions that make it even a good picnic spot when planning to visit with friends and family. The other attractions for a leisure stroll include the Khayang Waterfalls and Ango Ching, Lunghar Sihai Phangrei which is a flat hilly place, and Kachou Phung Lake. The caves, peaks, waterfalls are some of the reasons why Ukhrul has been given the name of the Green Town.

The Shirui Kashong Peak which is wrapped by a host of lilies between May and June whereas, Khayang Peak and Nillai Tea Estate have the flourishing green covers. Also, those with the love for archaeology can make a visit to the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave where one can explore and make memories for the lifetime. Tourists can even make a visit to some of the other popular tourist attractions including Khangkhui Cave, Dilly Waterfall, Hung Dung Manga Cave, Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake, Khayang Peak, Phangreig Picnic Spot and Nillai Tea Estate and more.

There are hundreds of varieties of trees, flowers, plants, orchids, epiphytic ferns and shrubs to be seen here. Other than this, coming to the regional people in Ukhrul, they belong to a section called Tangkhul Nagas who are Christians and are skilled in the art of warfare. Hence visiting during the Christmas is sure to help you get indulged and enjoy with great fanfare. Also, tourists can witness how the women in Ukhrul are dressed in the traditional garb which is called ‘Kashan’ and the men wearing a shawl which is called ‘Howrah’. In addition to this, the local language spoken by people is Tangkhul.

Popular Points of Tourist Interest in Ukhrul

Visiting Ukhrul is sure to surprise the tourists with plenty of things to do and see that would give an opportunity to create memories to cherish for the lifetime. The hill station is much about the enchanting greenery which can be clearly witnessed when visiting the caves, parks and waterfalls. Some of them include Khangkhui Cave, Dilly Waterfall, Hung Dung Manga Cave, Khayang Peak, Nilai Tea Estate and more that are worth a visit.

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