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Thoubal Travel Guide

Located amid the hills and hillocks, the Thoubal town of Manipur presents a distinctive beauty which is considered to be perfect holiday destination for every kind for traveller including those seeking peace amid the pleasant climate and a variety of activities, for the adventure enthusiasts looking to satiate their wanderlust, Thoubal is even ideal for trekking and hiking. Also, the town is a good destination for those who are up for picnics with friends or family amid the abundance in flora and green landscapes. A visit to Thoubal at least once in a lifetime is sure to give a unique experience. To know more about this beautiful town of Manipur, browse through this travel guide and learn about what the town has to offer.

An Insight into Thoubal Tourism

Being a paradise for the ones who love nature and natural fragrance, Thoubal which is one of the visited towns of Manipur where tourists from across the globe come and experience nature at its best. The city is also famous for the temples and numerous water bodies which makes it a perfect getaway to experience the right balance of Urban and some offbeat destination.

On visiting Thoubal tourists would come across a number of places to visit and get indulged into activities. Heading to the Panthoibi, Tomjing Ching and Chinga Lairembi Temple is worth the visit when in Thoubal. Other than this, Thoubal has a lot for the shopaholics who can buy gifts from the town take back home as mementos for the friends and family. Tourists would come across several market areas where shopping is no less than a pleasure. Right from souvenirs to handicraft and handloom product, the market is all set to help the tourists to take delight in the shopping. The popular bazaars of Thoubal include the Ningombam Laxmi Bazaar and Athokpam Bazaar. Also, for the adventure enthusiasts, Thoubal is where one can plan the next trekking expedition.

Yes, there are numerous options in the outskirts of the Thoubal town which are ideal for day-long outings and picnics. Thoubal makes a perfect holiday destination for the ones looking to spend some time trying out the outdoor activities.

Other than this, it is the rich paddy fields in the town that creates a beautiful picture for the tourists coming to Thoubal from different parts of the world. Being an agricultural district, Thoubal produces rice, mustard seeds, oilseeds, potatoes, fruits and other. vegetables. The locals are not just depended on the agricultural occupation but the alternate occupation is the animal husbandry, producing raw silk, etc. Visiting this beautiful town, nature lovers are sure to get an eye on the rich flora, as Thoubal has a variety of trees namely pipal, khok, tera, etc. Also, bamboos and plantain can be seen all around which makes the town look alluring. Last but not least, tourists can head to the famous attractions of the town including Manipur Sahitya Samiti building, Panthoibee Temple, Waithou, Khongjom, Pallel and Sugnu.

Popular Points of Tourist Interest in Thoubal

The beautiful town of Manipur offers numerous tourist attractions which is ideal for all kinds of travellers whether it be a nature lover, shopaholics or adventure enthusiast. When on a holiday to Thoubal; tourists should visit the Chinga Lairembi Temple to seek blessings, explore Thoubal by trying out the trekking expedition, go shopping for handicrafts & handlooms from Ningombam Laxmi Bazaar and Athokpam Bazaar.

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