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Senapati Travel Guide

Preserving the natural beauty at its best, Senapati fills the hearts of the nature lovers with joy. Tourists visiting the town are welcomed with the glimpse of the hilly landscapes, sparkling streams, pristine rivers, deep gorges and rugged mountains which make the trip to this beautiful town a memorable one to cherish it for the lifetime. Also, Senapati has a lot to offer to the adventure enthusiasts as well. To know more about the picturesque town of Manipur, browse through this travel guide and learn about what Senapati has to offer.

An Insight into Senapati Tourism

Located on the northern part of Manipur, Senapati is bordered by Ukhrul district in the east and Tamenglong district on the west which offers a lot to the tourists coming and visiting the town from across the globe. It was in the year 1969 when the district came into being. Earlier it was a part of the Kingdom of Manipur and it was during this time when most of the tradition and culture were evolved in Senapati. Also, the place is named after Senapati Tikendrajit Singh who belonged to a royal family of Manipur. A visit to Senapati gives the tourists an opportunity to travel to explore the history of the town and also relive the past. So for the history buffs, the destination is perfect as it will help them gather knowledge about the rich culture and tradition of the town.

Coming to the tourist places, Senapati has a lot to offer to the travellers that are in and around the town helping the tourists make the most out of their visit to the town of Manipur. These tourist places/attraction which are a must visit include the Maram Khullen which is one of the biggest and oldest human settlement giving a glimpse of the people of Senapati, Yangkhullen which is a historic place and tourists can witness the traditional social and economic life of the locals, Mao which is a busiest commercial town and also called the ‘Gateway To Manipur, Liyai from where you can witness the second biggest river i.e., Barak River flowing, Makhel which is a devotional place and a home to historic monuments, Purul which is mind blowing beautiful place giving a glimpse of the rich and vibrant tradition of Manipur.

Also, Kaubru Mountain and Houdu Koide Biishoan are also a must visit place when in Senapati. Tourists from different parts of the globe visiting the town every year are left amazed by the beauty and tourists spots that are offered by Senapati. Other than this, tourists visiting the town will get the chance to take delight in witnessing the rich flora and fauna. As the town is mostly covered by forests, it lets the travellers come across some of the rarest plant and animal species. Out of many, some of the herbs which find their way into the medicines that are found in the town include Adiantum Flabellatum Linn, Abrus Precatorius Linn and Elsholtzia ciliata. Also for the ones with the love for birds, visiting during the winter months is a great time to watch the migratory birds.

In addition to this, there are communities who live in the town with their distinctive way of life in terms of the delicacies and the clothes that they wear. The communities include the Mao, Tangkhul, Maram, Kuki, Zemai, Vaiphei, Chiru, Chothe and Meitei. Even though people living here follow traditional religion like Hinduism, Islam who live together in peace and harmony but Christianity is the prime religion in Senapati. Tourists planning to visit this beautiful town of Manipur can plan the trip at any time of the year but to make the most out of the visit consider visiting in the months of October and early November.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Senapati

The quaint town of Manipur has a lot to offer to the tourists amid the green valleys, towering hills and squashy meadows. Right from the nature lover to the history buffs the place gives the opportunity to the tourists to witness the natural beauty with its rich vegetation and wildlife making it a perfect destination for tourists. In short, a visit to Senapati is worth visiting which should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

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