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Top Tourist Attractions in Parwanoo

Nestled in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Parwanoo is a scenic hilltop that is surrounded by beautiful orchards and hills making it one of the most sought after destinations in India. Located on the border between Himachal Pradesh and the Panchkula district in Haryana, it offers a picturesque view of the Shivalik hills and you will simply spellbind with the beautiful view of the surrounding countryside while you're on a drive for sightseeing tour. The landscape of Parwanoo makes it an ideal destination for nature walks and trekking. There are a few popular trekking trials that one can try around the stunning hills and forest areas. There are plenty of religious centres, gardens and hill resorts in Parwanoo that draw millions of tourists from all across the world.

A few years back, Parwanoo was a small quaint town but at present it has emerged as a famous industrial town. There are many factories and industries that are engaged in producing different products like watch components, plastics, motor parts, fruit-based products, and many more. While travelling to Parwanoo, one may visit Dagshai- an army town that is one of the oldest British cantonments in India. This place was the site of various wars in 1846 and a big jail was built here to keep the prisoners of war. They were punished by putting a permanent tattoo on their forehead.

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