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Best Time to Visit Parwanoo

The best time to visit Parwanoo is from March to October, when the weather remains comfortable and pleasant. Winter lovers can visit this sleepy destination from December to February and experience a dream vacation.

Summer Season (March-May):

With the temperature rising to a maximum of 30°C during the day, Parwanoo experiences pleasant weather during the summers. This is the ideal time to visit this place. One can enjoy long and refreshing strolls here in the evenings.

Monsoon Season (June-September):

Parwanoo receives heavy rainfall during the monsoons. The narrow roads leading to Parwanoo become dangerous during this season. However, with proper planning and knowledge about the road conditions, one can visit this place during the monsoons as well and enjoy the tranquility of this region after the rains.

Winter Season (December-February):

Winter kicks in at Parwanoo at the start of December and stays here till February. The temperature varies between 10°C and 0°C. It is the perfect destination during these months for winter lovers and honeymooners due to its romantic and cinematic charm.

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