Best Time to Visit Surat

Best Time to Visit Surat

October to December & January to February is an ideal time to visit Surat in Gujarat.

Throughout the year, the city enjoys a tropical climate, which means the temperature remains high in summers and low in winters.

Summer (March to June): 22°C- 32°C In the months of March, April, May and June, residents of Surat are seen waking up to a bright sunny day. April and June remain the hottest months of the year as the average temperature ranges between 32°C and 37°C.

Monsoon (July to September): July marks the onset of the monsoon season and its lasts till September. On an average, Surat receives 1200 mm rainfall. A pleasant climate with a cool breeze during the season is the best time for sightseeing in Surat.

Winter (October to March): 09°C- 25°C In Surat, people start feeling little cold during the month of October. Sometime, the temperature comes down to 9° C, which makes it the best time to visit Surat.

Temperature Chart
Month Minimum Maximum
January 15°C 31°C
February 16.6°C 32.3°C
March 20.8°C 35.7°C
April 24°C 37°C
May 26.3°C 36°C
June 26.5°C 34°C
July 25.5°C 31.3°C
August 25.2°C 30.8°C
September 24.9°C 32.4°C
October 23.7°C 34.4°C
November 19.9°C 31.1°C
December 16.5°C 32.1°C