Best Time to Visit Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Best Time to Visit Gandhinagar, Gujarat

October December & January to March is an ideal time to visit Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

October to March (winter): 12° C- 36° C

October marks the beginning of the winter season and is perhaps the best time to visit Gandhinagar. Don't forget to take woollens when visiting Gandhinagar during winters.

March to May (Summer): 23° C- 42° C

March marks the onset of summers. Temperature remains hot, humid and dry during this time of the year, so it's advisable to carry scarves, caps and sunscreen when visiting Gandhinagar during summer.

June to September (monsoon)
June marks the monsoon season which is characterised by heavy rainfall, enhancing the beauty of the city even further.

See below for Gandhinagar's monthly temperature chart

Gandhinagar Temperature Chart
Month wise Minimum Maximum
January 11.8°C 28.3°C
February 13.9°C 30.4°C
March 18.9°C 35.6°C
April 23.7°C 39.8°C
May 26.2°C 41.5°C
June 27.2°C 38.4°C
July 25.6°C 33.4°C
August 24.6°C 31.8°C
September 24.2°C 34.0°C
October 21.1°C 35.8°C
November 16.6°C 32.8°C
December 13.2°C 29.3°C