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Raj Ghat Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Delhi

There have been many leaders in Indian history who not only made a mark with their visionary thinking but also dreamed different from others. One such name that tops the list for his great movements for Indian independence is none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Whether it be his thought-provoking actions or his beliefs, all of them are till date followed throughout India and across the globe. To give a special place on the land which he served wholeheartedly, a memorial by the name Raj Ghat was founded on the same place where his last rites, one day after his death that is, on 31 January 1948 were performed. It is believed Raj Ghat was the name of a historic ghat that was tucked to Old Delhi. Furthermore, there was a Raj Ghat Gate that opened the way to Raj Ghat towards the west of the Yamuna River. As time passed by, Gandhi's memorial was named Raj Ghat. Vanu G. Bhuta was the one who gave his time in the making of Gandhi's memorial which is a black marble platform symbolising the simplicity of his life and also embracing his last words ‘Hey Ram’. The famous personalities who come to visit India, make it a point to visit Raj Ghat and lay flowers on the memorial as a mark of respect. On your sightseeing tour here, you will be able to spot close to the platform where there are trees planted by personalities like Ho Chi Minh, Dwight Eisenhower, Gough Whitman, and Queen Elizabeth II. A Gandhi Memorial Museum is also founded here which is all about the life and famous works of Mahatma Gandhi. A film is shown every day except Thursday between 9:30 AM and 5:30 AM, 4:00 PM on Sunday in Hindi and in English at 5:00 PM.


6:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Behind Red Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

How to Reach?

Delhi Gate is the closest metro station to Raj Ghat. This metro station comes under the Violet Line of Delhi Metro and sits 1km away from Raj Ghat.

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