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Gurudwara Nanak Piao Delhi

Dedicated to the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev, Gurdwara Nanak Piao is a historical Sikh pilgrimage in Delhi. It is said that there was earlier a garden at the place where gurdwara is located. At this garden, Guru Nanak used to sit and sing Bhajans and also offered water and food to the ones in the need, and hence the name of the gurdwara is Nanak Piao; the term ‘Piao’ means offering water to those who are thirsty. The owner donated this garden land to build a gurdwara in the name of the first Sikh Guru. However, in the continuance of that garden, a part of it still exists at the gurdwara complex. Besides, the well from which Guru Nanak used to serve water at the gurdwara is also well-preserved till date.

Over the years, Gurdwara Nanak Piao has become one of the highly revered and the most popular gurdwara in Delhi. Every year, the gurdwara celebrates the anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev - Joti Jot, which is observed by numerous Sikh pilgrims that come here from far the wide. Inside the gurdwara, there is a tradition where all the non-sikhs are needed to cover their heads with a small handkerchief offered by the sevadar (volunteer) or Sikh Guru.

Guru Nanak Dev was a true apostle of brotherhood and peace. His homilies created a magnificent healthy impact on the people. Moreover, people used to admire him for his spiritual guidance. The garden where he used to spend most of his time was a prime centre of pilgrimage to receive his sermons on spiritual deliverance.

Spacious Structure

Perched at the garden where Guru Nanak used to camp during his staying period in Delhi in 1505, Gurdwara Nanak Piao is built in a rectangular shape and is painted white the white colour. On the top of the gurdwara complex, there is a large dome adorned with the gold polish which is supporting by several small white domes crafted on every side. However, the architectural design of the gurdwara does not include any balcony, whereas, it includes four wooden panel windows that are strategically crafted on the front end of the structure.

At the entrance, there is an impressive gate which is of Mughal style. Coming on to the main sanctum, it is built on a 4 feet high platform. Moreover, it also has a large parkarama. A narrowly carpeted path fenced by railings on either side that leads to the sanctum. Besides, the main hall boasts a magnificent interior. The gurdwara complex also includes a small sarovar, on the periphery of which is built a beautiful verandah. There is also a historic well from where Guru Nanak Dev used to take water for the gurdwara. Today, this well is adorned with a white dome.

History and Legend

The story behind the construction of this gurdwara dates back to the time when Guru Nanak Dev came to Delhi in 1505. He stayed at the place where the gurdwara is located. Here, he used to deliver his sermons and sung his song. Not just this, he also used to provide fresh water to the thirsty travellers. For that, he constructed a deep well. It gave them a great pleasure to serve fresh water to the passers-by from that well. Soon, people started to visit the place to listen to the sermons of Guru Nanak Dev. With no time, the garden became so popular that people from far and wide used to come to visit the place to listen to his sermons, and hence, this place eventually became a missionary site. A number of travellers also stayed here and, in their hospitality, free kitchen (langar food) was regularly organized by Guru Nanak Dev.

Location Address

Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan, Pandit Pant Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

Opening/Closing Timings

For devotees, Gurdwara Nanak Piao opens from 5:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

How to Reach?

In order to reach Gurdwara Nanak Piao, one has to board a yellow line metro and get down at Model Town metro station. The distance between the station and the gurdwara is around 2.1 km. To cover this, one can take an auto from station to reach the destination.

Best Time to Visit?

Gurdwara Nanak Piao can be visited throughout the year. However, keeping the weather condition into mind, winter is the best time to visit Gurdwara Nanak Piao. Throughout the season, the temperature of the city remains cool and pleasant explore the attractions. The season starts in the month of October and lasts till February.

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