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For All the Insomniacs: A Guide to Thailand’s Nightlife

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Live like elite, holiday-like A-listers, party non-stop and experience an array of unforgettable nightlife experiences in Thailand.

Whether you call it by its name – Thailand, or by its traits – a paradise for socialites, the fact remains that this pulchritudinous country of Thailand will never let you down when it comes to a vacationing. Just for those insomniacs who follow the pattern of partying, clubbing, and jaunting at night wherever they go and wherever they stay, Thailand can be the treasure trove for them as it bids one of the most lavish nightlife experiences in the world. From clubbing, pubbing, and dining to cultural shows, erotic shows, and shopping, this blog/Thailand’s nightlife travel guide takes you on a virtual tour to some amazing after-dark experiences in the country.

Best Places for Nightlife Experiences in Pattaya

Be ready to pamper yourself for one of the most amazing nightlife experiences in Pattaya. Here are some of the places in Pattaya where you can enjoy your weekend or can make your night memorable.

Walking Street

Walking Street, Pattaya


A heaven for absolute party lovers, Pattaya’s Walking Street which is a pivot of beer bars, nightclubs, music bars, go-go bars, restaurants, and massage parlours. Being a part of Pattaya Beach, the half-kilometer stretch of Walking Street shuts its motorable traffic in the evening and open its doors for party animals from 6 pm. Like most of the cities in Thailand, Pattaya is also known for its sex tourism and also depicts itself as a Sin City. Therefore, before visiting this attraction, do note that this place is not ideal for family, couples, and females.

Horizon Bar, Hilton Pattaya

Horizon Bar, Hilton-Pattaya


If you’ve ever dreamed of eating atop some dazzling skyscraper then Horizon Bar at Hilton Pattaya is the place which you’re looking for. Located on the 34th floor, this alfresco (open-air) rooftop bar in Pattaya bids a remarkable fusion of sophisticated space, world-class cuisines, premium cocktails, sedating ambiance, and pulchritudinous 360-degree eagle-eye view of the city. This is the best place for nightlife in Pattaya where you can take your consort for a romantic date to fill your Thailand holidays with enduring memories. Must try is their cocktails as they have an array of classic and signature drinks to match the taste of the served dishes.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya


Well, I am assuming many of you must be aware of this world-famous cafe. Evidently, all the chain restaurants of Hard Rock Cafe are amazing, but this one is a bit special. The cafe remains exuberant throughout the day but in the night time, as the music hits the floor, it comes alive like anything. And if you want to have the best time here, visit the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday as it hosts the famous Beach Foam X parties where the entire pool inflated full of foam for squawking parties with some brilliant music in the backdrop. But, that’s not all, inside the cafe, there is proper dining arrangement beneath the stage to savour the taste of their scrumptious offering while enjoying the music or performances of popular bands. While in Pattaya, if you’re looking for some different taste than their traditional one, Hard Rock Cafe is the place to grab a bite of western delicacies as it offers a peculiar range of American fares in their menu, which I am pretty much sure you won’t be able to resist.

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing Pattaya


This one is my favourite in Pattaya! Amidst the colourful bars, best nightlife clubs, and laid-back restaurants in Pattaya, this is something different. I know, boxing is something that doesn’t interest all, but for those who love sports, they can definitely expect to have an amazing night in Pattaya. In the glamourous Muay Thai Stadium, you can witness the live fights between international and local fighters that are held on every Wednesday and Friday from 8 pm. Revel in the exquisite glee while sitting in the stands and cheering for the fighters along with the crowd.

Top Places for Nightlife Experiences in Krabi

Just for those, whose day start when the sun falls down, here is some of best nightlife experiences in Krabi.

Boogie Bar

Boogie Bar Krabi


An elegant bar with the sophisticated interior, premium drinks, and enduring live music Boogie Bar is a seventies-style bar located in Ao Nang Walking Street. The menu of the bar is festooned with world-class drinks that range from beer to soft drinks and cocktail to spirit. Above all that, the most enticing thing about this place is the lively ambiance and the friendly staff that pulls a larger chunk of people, both natives and visitors, to spend their night here. Giving a great compliment to the ambiance is the live music performances by the bands that will make you fall in love with this place.

Suggestion: Their menu does not include food, and hence, if you’re planning to spend your evening here, it is advisable to eat beforehand or to grab some snacks from the neighbour restaurants.

Freedom Bar

Freedom bar

In the Sala Dan of Ko Lanta District, there lies a beachfront bar- Freedom Bar, a prominent tourist hotspot in Krabi. With its super-friendly staff, laid-back ambiance, and spellbinding beach view along with DJ playing the groovy music in the evening while the crowd is going crazy, Freedom Bar has become one of the sought-after tourist attractions for a fantabulous night in Krabi.

Ao Nang Center Point

Ao Nang Center Point Krabi


A refurbished three-storey entertainment complex that houses some great attractions for one of the kind nightlife experiences in Krabi is Ao Nang Central Point. Served as the heart of Krabi nightlife from the past 2 decades, Ao Nang complex features some great choice of entertainment, dining, and shopping options for those who wish to spend their evening in the best possible way they can.

Top Bangkok’s Nightlife Experiences

Quench your thirst as the glittering city of Bangkok bids some great places and peculiar experiences to enjoy in Thailand during the night.

Cocktails at a Rooftop Bar

Bangkok Rooftop Bar


Somewhere far away from the infamous activities, the nightlife of Bangkok is also popular for an exotic dining experience at a rooftop bar and restaurant. Yes, you heard it right. There are countless skyscrapers in Bangkok that offer a lifetime experience of eating atop of them while the eagle-eye 360-degree view of the city astounds you in the backdrop. Vertigo at Banyan Tree, Park Society at Sofitel, So on Sathorn, Three Sixty at Millennium Hilton Bangkok, and Zoom Sky Bar at Anantara Sathorn are just a few names in the list of rooftop bars and restaurants in Bangkok for that one of the kind holiday experience in Thailand.

Dinner Cruises

Dinner Cruises Bangkok


Another family attraction in Bangkok, is the luxurious dinner cruise tour ship that takes tourists on a whole different nightlife experience in Thailand. Take delight in the exotic dining experience at Chao Phraya River. In these cruises, buffet dinner is served with entertainment performance of live bands and professional singers along with the sublime views of the riverside scenery. You can also book these cruises for your private party, wedding reception, and meetings.

Shopping at Night Markets

Shopping at Night Markets


Ahhh…… Shopping!!! Who doesn’t love shopping, especially when you’re on a tour to some new place? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most desired activities of every four out of five people in this world. And in Bangkok, you’ll not get disappointed as it has numerous night markets that are the ideal most places to spend an evening in Bangkok. In almost every part of the city, there are markets which offer an array of products, fashion, snacks, and souvenirs. Rot Fai Market, Asiatique, Patpong, and JJ Green are some of the famous night markets in Bangkok from where you shop for some souvenirs or goods at cheap rates by effectively using your bargaining skills.

Ladyboy Shows

Ladyboy Shows Bangkok


This is one of those nightlife experiences in Bangkok for which the city is famous worldwide. The gleaming Bangkok hosts some of the most stupendous and notorious ladyboy shows in the world. In the ostentatious costumes and sparkling performances, the ladyboys are the performers that captivate the audience with their exquisite beauty, flawless impersonation, and enduring charm. However, these shows are not meant for families and children, as, you’ll only get to see ladyboys luring men through their performances.

Phuket Nightlife Guide…

As you step into the most serene land of Thailand, make sure to explore it to its full by having an amazing nightlife time in Phuket.

Beach Clubs

Beach Clubs Phuket


Latest in the trending list of nightlife experiences in Phuket, beach clubs claims a top spot, when it comes to after-dark escapes in Phuket, within a short period of time. Being an island, there is no surprise that the beach clubs are amongst the popular choices for an enduring nightlife experience in Phuket. With an array of options, all the beach clubs in Phuket proffers equal fun and entertainment to visitors along with timeless memories. Above that, these enthralling beaches also organize the occasional parties where they invite internationally-known DJs and artists. Catch Club, Dream Club, Paradise Club, and Blue Siam Club are few of the beach clubs in Phuket on which you can make a bet for an impeccable night time.

Soi Bangla

Soi Bangla Phuket


You must also agree with the fact that sometimes there is a dire need of a place where you can just wander freely in the night exploring the attractions and capturing the dazzling aura of that particular place. And in Phuket, there is no place better than Soi Bangla to just stroll leisurely on the streets in the night. Soi Bangla is also a great place in Phuket to enjoy glaring lights, cheap beer, and booming music. The place is crammed with bars, pubs, discos, shops, and restaurants where you can choose to spend a fun night out in Phuket or can also spend your night strolling on the street, exploring the shops and restaurants, being a bystander at street performances with a can of a beer in your hand.

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit Show Phuket


An ideal night escape for all those cultural buffs and a must-visit attraction in Phuket for young travellers, Siam Niramit is a cultural extravaganza that plays an important role in Island’s entertainment panorama. Located on the outskirts of Phuket town, Siam Niramit theatre hosts the show of Siam Niramit where professional artists together put a great show of Thai art and culture. This 70-minute performance runs without a break and is presented in three different acts. Each one of these acts is equally entertaining. Even if you’re quite done with the gleaming nightlife, a visit to this compelling place will give you a different night out experience in Phuket, for a change.

Live Music at Patong Island

Live Music at Patong Island


For the fact, the town of Patong is the center of live music in Phuket. Patong is best explained by the term ‘party’ as it is also a home to famous beach restaurants, bars, and clubs for an ultimate holiday experience. With the famous bands playing the enduring live music, the bars and clubs in Patong become the best stopover for that high-end nightlife experience in Phuket. Hard Rock Cafe, Red Hot, Banana Bar, and Molly Malone’s are the places to head for a long-lasting live music experience in Phuket.

Koh Samui…

Non-stop dancing, beach parties, groovy music, lively ambiance, and lively crowd! Koh Samui is another place for that much anticipated nightlife tours in Thailand.

Full Moon Parties

Koh Samui Full Moon Parties


One of the most amazing nightlife activities in Koh Samui is Full Moon Party. On every full moon day, the party organizes at Koh Phangan where a heavy footfall of both locals and tourists in the search of some incredible holiday time in Thailand can be witnessed. People can also be spotted grooving on beats of music with a can of beer in their hand. If on a Thailand trip missing-out this heavenly party will not be a wise choice.

Fire Dance at Ark Bar

Fire Dance at Ark Bar


Ark Bar in Koh Samui is another attraction that can make your night memorable. If you’re looking for a pleasant time, which you’ve dreamed, this place can be your best bet as it hosts some stupendous dance parties, fantabulous beachfront dining, friendly crowd, delectable food, inevitable drinks and the most enticing of all that are fire dancers that will just leave you amazed.

Karma Sutra

Karma Sutra Koh Samui


After all partying and clubbing places, this one is totally a different experience in Koh Samui. Karma Resto Bar is a French-owned resto-bar which is known for its composed environment, soft music, sophisticated set-up, queer menu, and bewitching dining for that perfect dinner date in Koh Samui with your consort. This place, indeed, offers an experience which you won’t want to forget for a long time.

With that, the list of best nightlife experiences in Thailand comes to an end. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a party person, music buff, peace lover, connoisseur, or shopaholic, Thailand welcomes every kind of globetrotter. What matters is that you should be the night creature to enjoy all that this beaut place boasts. Want to plan a trip to Thailand now? Well, Tour My India can be your perfect choice to book your Thailand holiday package with. Contact us at +919212553108/ to learn more about our best international holiday packages that are designed keeping all your needs.

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