6 Easy Steps to Plan a Lavish Incentive Trip for Corporate Employees

Step by Step Guide to Plan a Lavish Incentive Trip for Corporate Employees

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Is your company looking forward to rewarding or motivating employees by taking them on a lavish incentive trip? And being the Human Resource Manager you have the responsibility to meet the expectations of the management? Apparently, it is no easy task to organize an event without breaking a sweat that too when it comes to luxury incentive trips but then we believe every good thing needs efforts and careful planning. So, here we are, writing a comprehensible step by step guide on planning a perfect lavish incentive trip for the corporate employees that will not only make things easy for you but also win you accolades from your colleagues and managers.

Step 1: Determine What Do Your Employees Enjoy

Employee Enjoy

Since there is a world of opportunities outside your corporate office when it comes to travel and tour, you must determine what would appeal more to a larger percentage (obviously, it is difficult to fulfill everyone’s need) of the employees during an incentive event. You can conduct paper surveys/one-on-one rounds to learn about what is there on their bucket list that you can help them cross off. The key is to make them feel special on an incentive trip and to motivate them to outperform each time, which is why the event should have fun components that can only be determined best when you ask them in person.

Step 2: Set Your Budget For the Incentive Trip

Budget of the trip

After determining what your employees would like to indulge in, it’s time to set the budget for the incentive event. The hospitality industry is vast, and one high-end service can have varied prices, therefore it is important to first fix your budget in order to determine where you will go and how much you should pay for a luxury stay and activities.

Step 3: Consider the Duration of the Trip


In order to keep the trip well-organized and under the set budget, it is important to determine the duration of the trip. The ideal vacation should be 4 nights and 5 days but it depends largely on your budget and choice of destination. An incentive holiday to expensive destinations like France or Norway can be kept for a shorter length (weekend) whereas visiting a luxury travel place in Southeast Asia can be vouched for a long holiday (weeklong).

Step 4: Decide the Destination

Best Destination for Incentive Trip

Well, the point above and this one are interchangeable as both are dependent upon each other. A lavish trip needs to be done at a right place, however, for an incentive tour, you have to be careful with what the destination is offering. You have to ensure that the place is equipped with such activities that can be enjoyed by each member of the team. Nothing too tiring that keeps them on their toes all the time but mostly fun and if possible interactive. To come to think of it, Southeast Asian countries are amongst the best destinations for luxury incentive trips for corporate employees and you can pick from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the most important one, Singapore. Other great places to choose from Asia can be India and Dubai. Kerala in India makes for an incredible incentive travel destination as it offers a variety of experiences for your employees, similarly, the concrete jungle of Dubai is no less than a magic land where everything is possible.

Step 5: Select a Reliable Travel Company

Corporate Travel Agents

This though is technically the second last step in this blog but certainly, it is the most impox rtant one. Determining early in the plan whether you want to manage the trip internally or outsource to an agency can make things quite clear for further planning. We emphasize on outsourcing it, as it will make things simpler and hassle-free. However, when selecting a corporate incentive travel company, make sure it is capable of fulfilling what is promised for your budgeted cost, and that their cancellation policies are comprehensible. There are a number of MICE travel companies and in case you are in India, Tour My India is one of your best bets.

Step 6: Discuss Activity Opportunities and Balanced Itinerary with the Travel Company

Dicuss Balanced Itinerary

Although this is the continuation of the step above since it is an important part, and we didn’t want you to overlook it. Apart from discussing the travel package cost and services, it is mandatory to talk it out the opportunities for activities for your incentive team with the chosen travel company. Ensure that the accommodation they are suggested have all possible recreational and adventure activities so that the employees can pick what they like the best. Also, discuss the travel itinerary in advance, as it should have a perfect balance where your employees can enjoy the luxury of the hotel and that of destination at a set time. Employees should also get enough time to relax and do what interests them the most, therefore the tour itinerary should also have some free time slot marked in it.

Well, these simple steps can be helpful for you to plan a decent luxury incentive trip and it surely can assist you to be organized all through. If you liked what we suggested, then before starting to plan a trip please give us a like and don’t forget to it share this blog with others. And in case, you are seeking some assistance with organizing an incentive event for your company, Tour My India would be glad to help you. Call us at +91-9212553106or drop us an email at info@tourmyindia.com for the best MICE tour packages at a price of your choice.

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