15 Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in Kasol

15 Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in Kasol
Last Updated: September 24, 2019

A wonder to behold, with an air which not only mystifies your sense but makes you live in the impulses of life, Kasol is a village mothered by the Parvati valley. This Himachal’s popular destination is best known for its thrilling treks, flavorsome food, roaring river and heartfelt humanity. It is one of the best summer getaways irrespective of your age; the whole venture filled with trekking, mountain sighting and more will make you feel and believe that this is the moment you can do the things you want and as your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.

This blog is our way to show some love to this one of its kind place, here’s how you can enjoy a holiday in Kasol to the fullest:

How to Reach

By Air: Bhuntar airport situated near Kullu is the nearest means to reach being 31 kms away from Kasol.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station, which is about 144 km from the village of Kasol, after reaching here you can take the bus service or a cab.

By Road: You may not get a direct bus to Kasol, however, there are options to change buses or hire a cab from Bhuntar to reach Kasol.

Let’s start trekking…




With an imperfect to perfect touch of everything God can endow a land with, Kheerganga is a small village in the lap of Parvati Valley. The village is best known for its trekking trips where that feeling of accomplishment is way above the exhausting nature of the trek. The trek starts from the base camp of Tosh, from where it is 13 kms one way which takes up to 6-7 hours.

Far away from the cage of modern life, people here rejoice the beauty the land offers. You must have heard of the hot springs with medicinal properties? Well it’s here in Kheerganga, where just a dip can not only rejuvenate your sense but relieve you from pain, as said and believed by the people around.




Between flattery and admiration, there flows the Parvati River along which when you tread for 30 minutes, you reach this small yet spirited village of Chalal. The panoramic view of the village which still holds its culture and beauty is a much admired and dwelled in tourist place. Relish the colour changing sky from cafes and the scrumptious food catered with love with a tinge of Indian and Israeli spices mix in the cafes. Chalal is also known for the parties that are organised throughout the year. Dance till the last beat in these parties held where djs from all over the world come together curating music which blows your mind off, it certainly does! Enjoy the chilled out evenings and trance filled nights here in the month of April and May.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek



You don’t have to possess some skill to trek your way through this challenge, just some courage would help! Choose your own way as the place did its, while it was unearthed as a second way to reach Spiti Valley. The most sought after treks in Himachal Pradesh, Parvati Pass Trek is a tough yet stirring experience from the slidy slopes, crazy climbs and persistent peaks, which starts by crossing the Parvati Valley. And as you complete the trek, reaching the supreme altitude of 5,319m above sea level, you see that dark fear of heights fading away. The trek takes 12 days to complete and the best time to head this challenge is from the monsoon months of July to September. Make sure you prepare yourself well before and your health status is apt for the trek.

Exploring the Picture Perfect Vicinity




A prehistoric village in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Malana is best known for its serene and outlying environment from rest of the world, and of course the controversial cannabis. It’s a place that’s really not that accessible because the people of Malana like to consider themselves a superior race (descendant of Alexander the Great). However, as you hear your friends talking about the place you will surely be attracted. People living in Malana lead a simple and extraordinary life at the same time, where they speak in Kanashi, a language different than what usually is spoken, celebrating its own festivals like Malana Fulgi mostly in the second week of February and Malana Shaun on 15th August.

Note: Since Malana is made inaccessible due to local’s resistance towards visitors, one can pass by the village en route the Chandrakhani Pass.


Tosh Himachal


Love exploring new heights and challenging yourself? Then you would already be having the Tosh trek in your check list. Situated at a height of 2400 ft, en route the Pin Parvati Pass, the place lets the dauntless in you explore the surroundings and pave your own way from Kasol to Tosh and back. Do what your mind decides for you, till you reach magnificent rocks and beautiful land heading your way and enjoy the light filled sky from your camp. Tosh recently has become a hub where people from east and the west come to find a connection with the nature, of course!.

With Kasol being in its vicinity, a number of places have been built around, so you can accommodate yourself easily with the toothsome Maggi in one hand and tea in the other, and apart from this there are a lot of cafes you can approach serving varied cuisines. The best time to visit Tosh is from the warm days of April to October. If you love making a snowman, then you can surely opt on planning a trip between November and February.


Rasol Himachal


Hike your way to this unravelled destination, if you like being in places where you find more peace and less people. At an altitude of close to 3048m, above the rushing sea, Rasol resides in the foothill of the great Himalayas! The only way you can start your journey is from Kasol, sounds similar, eh? On your way to Rasol, you will encounter this mini meditative land, Chalal where you can stop by to hog on some food which is delicious indeed! The trek to Rasol takes almost 3 to 4 hours, it is one of the most thrilling trekking expeditions around Kasol. The best time to visit Rasol is from March to October.

Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Himachal


A place of faith and God, Manikaran can cast spirituality over the heart and mind of all the tourists and visitors. Manikaran has its sacred sphere at an altitude of 1760 m in the Parvati Valley between river Parvati and Beas, about 5 kms from Kasol. With Hindus preaching their belief that human life was recreated here after the flood, a miracle indeed, turned the place sacred and one of its kind. People who travel to Manikaran come with the ultimate motive of visiting the sacred Gurdwara, Manikaran Sahib. You will find a large number of Sikhs and Hindus here, who serve, believe, and imbibe their soul in the worship with all their heart. Manikaran Sahib is one of the top pilgrimage centres for Sikhs as well as Hindus and it is believed that by taking a dip and drinking water of this holy place, people get rid of their sins. Another site not to miss around Manikaran Sahib is Harinder Mountain which is situated in the northern side, and is reckoned to be a place that can deliver a person from evil, if he looks at the mountain.


Bhuntar Himachal

See the sun rising in this town, situated in the Parvati Valley. Finding its home between the dense forest, Bhuntar surely makes way in the hearts of people who come to visit Himachal Pradesh. It is located very close to Kasol at a distance of 30 kilometers. There obviously exists something different at every place in Himachal, and when it comes to Bhuntar, it’s the curvy crazy ways you have to take up to reach here. Mother nature pampers this one with a little extra care and it’s considered one of those places where you relax and take in good vibes. Apart from this, tourist come here for sightseeing and shopping. It’s easy to connect to places like Manikaran, Kasol and Manali from Bhuntar. So if you are looking for a hideout which is less crowded and beautiful in its own way, then you should visit Bhuntar.

Pulga Village

Pulga Village in Himachal


Let go of the fear of heights, with this another attraction you will find yourself in, as you travel 16 kms from Kasol, to a place named Pulga. With greenery all around you would generally find foreigners enjoying here the Himalayan tea from dusk to dawn. Catch the soothing sunrise from the village with the blissful sky narrating a story of its own, and under it you will find the most holy temples for which the place is known. You won’t miss the Indian tadka here even if the restaurants generally cater to foreigners. And even if you are a solo traveller or on a family vacation, finding an accommodation is not much of a task with wooden houses being designed not only to enhance the beauty of the village but to provide you comfort like your own home.

Naggar Village

Naggar Village Himachal


Zoom in your car to this next top travel destination, Naggar! This captivating village is situated along the banks of the Beas River at a little distance from Manali in Kullu district and approximately 18 kms away from Kasol. You can choose between travelling by a bus or trekking the way. The village is one charming site with beautiful sunrises, sunsets and a sleepy air at an elevation of 2,047m. Naggar Castle, built in around 1460 A.D by Raja Sidh Singh is an example of spellbinding architecture having the blend of Himalayan and western style. It is indeed one of the must visit if in Naggar, as it offers mesmerising views of Beas Valley. Naggar Village is also known for fishing and trekking and soothing chants from the temples around the place.

Art lover? Then you should visit The Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery which attracts your heart to the marvellous masterpieces featured here by the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich who was an archaeologist having his interest in art, philosophy and literature. You can hike your way easily to this gallery which portrays the true side of the Himalayas and the cultures.

Kullu and Manali

Kullu - Manali Himachal


Mountains that touch your soul and the sky is the best description of Manali. Laying 40 kms away from Kasol, Manali is a magical land in itself at an altitude of 2050m. Lyrical air, scenic views will be your partners throughout as you travel to places like Solang Valley, Beas Kund, Pandoh Dam in Kullu. The greenery, silence and serenity will embrace you as you tread towards Rohtang Pass, feeling cold already? You can and have to rent clothes as the place is too cold to handle but fun to be in as well. It’s also one of the best honeymoon destinations as warmth of love is in the air. Spend an afternoon rafting with your family and soar high in the sky by paragliding.

Trying Israeli Food

Trying Israeli Food in Kasol


As you walk miles and miles each day trekking from Kasol to all the ‘serenic’ villages, your stomach would surely turn demanding. So while here, you should try on some of the most authentic Israeli food. Why so you might think, well because Kasol is referred to as a MINI ISRAEL for people from Israel are taking refuge here in a large number, so much so that, one can even see sign boards done in Hebrew here. Try on that luscious Shakshouka, Bureka and Lemon cake which are best from the Israeli side. Besides this you will find cuisines like German, Italian, Indian and Nepalese served on your table to delight your taste buds. You will be pleased with the homage the locals pay you, something you will always remember.

Shopping Spree: Because its Shop O’clock Somewhere



Above and beyond your tour through electrifying treks, scintillating rivers, heartwarming experiences, how can you miss shopping! Kasol flea markets line up with a variety of things you can take home along with a bag full of memories. From semi precious stones to sun-beautiful pendants, from trinkets, toys for the little ones to ornaments, and from tees for the lovers and die hard followers of Lord Shiva and Bob Marley to hand woven woolens, Kasol has something for everyone. So, start shopping and bargaining cause saving some moolahs for food is important too! Nearby places to shop in is Naggar Village, where you find that traditional Kullu cap, warm shawl, aromatic oils and simon pure rugs.

Temple Hopping

Temples in Kasol


Temples are more than stones and mortar, they are filled with faith and divinity, and it is the same for temples in and around Kasol, where people come to relieve their mind from all sort of worries and to get lost in the heart pleasing rhythm of the chants. Kasol is surrounded by a number of enchanting and heartwarming places to worship. As you enter Kasol, the first temple you will find is Kasol temple which is a small and beautifully structured one. As you pave ahead in your journey, you will find Manikaran Sahib, and Shiv Mandir where worshippers in abundance come to adore the beauty and to lose themselves in the mesmerising tunes of nature and spirituality together. Apart from these places of meditation and worship there are many temples having their structure built with not just stones but with belief like The Gauri Shankar Temple in Naggar, Bijli Mahadev Mandir and Shitla Mata Mandir in Kullu. Another holy site not to miss is the Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery, which is 12 kms away from Naggar Village. This place embodies the Buddhist culture and philosophy and is home for Tibetan Monks. Dedicated to his Holiness Dalai Lama, the monastery was blessed to be inaugurated in 2005 and is known for serving education too. Evidently Kasol offers ample pilgrimage places and this is why, one must not skip indulging into temple hopping.

Enjoy Adventurous Activities

Mountain Biking Adventure in Kasol


Make some space in your bucket list for the adventurous activities you can enjoy in Kasol! It might have been pretty clear by now that you have to trek your way from Kasol to anywhere you wish to go, so that’s one! Camping and enjoying bonfire on elevated villages is second which is a fun-filled experience. Fishing in Naggar village, Biking and Mountaineering in Manali has a tie for the third spot. Apart from this you can paraglide your way to the sky and relish the spectacular view. As life is better in hiking boots you will see your courage level soaring to new heights as you take up this trip to Kasol.

Undoubtedly Kasol is a wonderland not just because of the beauteous hills but the different activities and little experiences which add more excitement to your life. This place in Himachal Pradesh, absolutely tops the bucket list of travellers and people looking for peace and calm hideouts from the fast lane of life. From day one to the end you wouldn’t get enough. As we approach the end of the blog, it’s time for you to kickstart your journey! Stuck somewhere ? Well we are here to swoosh it away with our selection of travel packages which will surely make your tour one of a kind like you are. So contact us at +91-8744012086 or mail us at and get going for this adventure. Also do like and share the blog if it made your planning a bit easier.

Published: 21 Sep, 2017
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