India The Ultimate Adventure Holidays Destination in the World

India The Ultimate Adventure Holidays Destination in the World
Last Updated: July 16, 2019

With so many customs and religions, India stands as a sheer example of unity in diversity. The best part is that the vivid colors of the nation can even be noticed through variation in the landscape.

Jammu & Kashmir is crowned with the mighty Himalayas and Kerala is kissed with the backwaters. On the same hand in Rajasthan one can witness the naked deserts, while in Arunachal Pradesh the lush green forest cover greets the travelers.

This geographical variation not only offers picturesque site, but also provides various action packed sports.

Read below to unveil the thrill concealed in the splendid landscape of India:


Whenever it comes to adventure activities, trekking is the unanimous choice, and India is the unbeaten destination for it. Right from the lofty mountains to the lush meadows, from the stunning gorges to the magnificent glaciers, the trekking tours in India are bestowed with every bequest of the nature.

Some of the fine stretched treks are mentioned below:

  • Markha Valley, Ladakh (Altitude: 5150 meters; Grade: Moderate to Challenging; Best Season: June to October)
  • Sources of Ganges, Garhwal (Altitude: 4465 meters; Grade: Moderate; Best Season: May, June and September, October )
  • Nanda Devi East Base Camp, Kumaon (Altitude: 4670 meters; Grade: Moderate to Challenging; Best Season: May to October)
  • Pin Parvati, Himachal (Altitude: 5300 meters; Grade: Challenging; Best Season: July to Mid October)
  • Dzongri – Goecha La, Sikkim (Altitude: 5002 meters; Grade: Moderate to Challenging; Best Season: Mid March to Mid June and September to Mid November)

On one hand the treks of Ladakh are known for their high passes and dazzling mountains, while on the other trails of Garhwal, Kumaon, Sikkim and Himachal are acknowledged for greenery.

Every trek conceals something special for the visitors. Thus, it is worthy to steal some moments from the entangled life for experiencing the most memorable adventure of the era.

River Rafting

While the high strong waves hit the rock that sound of the splash is completely breathtaking. This is what one experiences while he heads off for a river rafting expedition. The narrow pass ways, prickly rocks and high waves are some of the common traits of white water rafting in India.

Mentioned below are the most fascinating and exploratory rivers of India:

  • Ganges, Rishikesh (Grade: II to IV+; Best Season: Mid September to Mid June)
  • Upper Alaknanda, Garhwal (Grade: II to V; Best Season: October to April)
  • Zanskar River, Ladakh (Grade: II to IV+; Best Season: July to Mid September)
  • Kali, Kumaon (Grade: II to IV+; Best Season: October to March End)
  • Brahmaputra, Assam (Grade: III to IV; November to December)

The grade II rapids doesn’t require much expertise or experience, but rapids with grade III and plus demand proficiency. In order to cover the challenging rapids one must take expert assistance.

Another point to ponder here is that the river rafting in the incredible India can be enjoyed by both amateurs and professional rafters. So all that an adventure lover needs to do is, plan a rafting trip to the nation.

Peak Climbing

The snow draped mountains not only adorns the charm of the northern India, but also makes it an ultimate adventure destination. The most audacious activity that the Indian Himalayan ranges offer is peak climbingIt needs a lot of guts along with professional assistance for indulging in peak climbing. The lofty mountains that offer an unmatched thrill are stated below:

Peak Climbing in Garhwal:

Mt. Shivling (Height- 6543 meters), Mt. Kamet (Height- 7756 meters), Mt. Satopanth (Height- 7075 meters), Mt. Kedar dome (Height- 6830 meters)

Best Season: Mid May to Mid October

Peak Climbing in Ladakh:

Nun (Height- 7135 meters), Kun (7077 meters), Stok Kangri (Height- 6150 meters), White Needle (Height- 6420 meters), Pinnacle (Height- 6955 meters)

Best Season: July to September

Peak Climbing in Himachal:

White Sail (Height- 6420 meters), Mt. Menthosa (Height- 6443 meters), Mt. Deo Tibba (Height- 6001 meters)

Best Season: July to Mid October

Peak Climbing in Sikkim:

Frey Peak (Height- 5830 meters), Mt. Thinchinkhang (Height- 6010 meters), Mt. Jopuno (Height- 5603 meters)

Best Season: April, May and September, October

Make sure to gear up properly, as miss happenings never knock door before occurring.

Wildlife Safari

The wilderness of the respective nation is acknowledged by the wildlife enthusiasts round the globe, as it embraces one of the most exotic species of fauna and flora.

It is the home for the largest populace of Asiatic Lions (at Gir National Park, Gujarat),One Horned Rhinoceros (at Kaziranga National Park, Assam) and Mangrove forests (at Sunderban National Park, West Bengal).

Further, the nation is known for preserving the largest count of the royal predators – tigers, in its 43 Tiger Reserves.

Mentioned below are a few other popular natural habitats of the wilds in India:

A visit to these parks can be done through three modes: – Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari and Canter Safari. The ideal season for wildlife safari in India is mid October to mid June.

Mountain Biking:

Another action packed way of exploring the mountain beauty is biking. Riding the stunning machine on the rugged terrain while enjoying the best sights, is certainly a heavenly experience.

In addition to the thrill concealed, mountain biking offers a closer view of the stepped valley and the remote villages. This expedition allows the adventurists to know more about different cultures dwelling away from the metros.

The prominent mountain biking routes are stated below:

  • Shimla to Spiti Valley, Himachal
  • Manali to Ladakh
  • West Sikkim

The actual beauty of different natural splendors unwinds during mountain biking.

In a nutshell

All those activities that stand as the clear definition of adventure sports can be enjoyed within the Indian periphery. No adventure junky can ever afford to miss out this extremely audacious destination from his expedition list.

Published: 27 Sep, 2013
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