Khajuraho Dance Festival 2020

Khajuraho Dance Festival 2020
Last Updated: January 16, 2020

Slowly when the winter starts to fade by end of January and you desire to step on the spring time floor out from your warm and cozy winter blanket ridden bed, an invigorating excitement perks up to your salad days. So the frigid long days are taken over by the king of all seasons. It is when where you can experience one of the forms of dilating Indian culture, the Khajuraho Dance Festival, amidst the intrinsic art and erotic sculptures exhibiting on the walls of ancient Hindu and Jain temples. The cultural essence lit the soul of thousands travelling from across the border. Once you step in the medieval city encircled by a fusion world of its own, you know it’s just the PERFECT BREAK. The classical strings of Indian history, rhythmical steps, holy aroma, massive walls and wilderness dotted with whispering flora and crisscrossed by rustling brooks makes Madhya Pradesh Tourism a pride of Incredible India.

Khujaraho Festival Dates 2020: Feb 20 – Feb 26, 2020

A Brief on History of Khajuraho


The history of Khajuraho takes you back between the periods of 10th century to 12th century, during the era of Chandela Monarchs. Let’s not go deep into the medieval era of the rich Indian history but something that offer a feast for the eyes and pamper our prurience are the Khajuraho Group of Monuments, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India and also listed one of the seven wonders of India. To be precise and flaring a bit out from the history of Khajuraho Group of Monuments, there were originally 85 temples those were built over a span of 200 years beholding the erotic sculptures crafted by Chandela artisans. Over the decades, today there are only 25 temples scattered over a sprawling landscape and reflects a fine example of Indian architectural styles.

The Fusion of Classical Music and Dance


The ling and rich cultural traditions sprinkled in the year 2002 in the form of a fusion of varied Indian attire, steps and tunes. From Kathak, Bharathanatyam and Odissi to Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Kathakali, the Khajuraho Dance Festival is one of the remarkable testimonials to Indian classical euphony. The weeklong extravaganza fetches not only domestic leisure travellers but also demented international travelers from the farthest corners who seek to explore the rich Indian culture and its history. Organized by the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad, the Khajuraho Dance Festival beats the dance performances by artists of World fame and tunes the ambiance against the spectacular backdrop of the magnificently lit Khajuraho temples. For you it’s a discovery and for few it’s a tribute. The Khajuraho Dance Festival 2020 is thus an opportunity for you to discover the ultimate colours and clamours of Indian tradition and music that is long lost and enshrouded in modern world of string and tuner jockeys.

Major Attractions in Khajuraho


While you plan to step on the culturalscape of the Khajuraho Dance Festival 2020 you must also be day dreaming the elaborate picture of sexual life during medieval times. Ah! There you have some good and bad old college colourcast memories. Having some pleasurable hunch, the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple dilates most of the erotic sculptures and also holds a marble linga representing Shiva. The Chitragupta Temple, which is dedicated to Sun God, exhibits a diorama of the then processions, dancing girls, elephant fights and hunting scenes. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Vishvanath Temple, which is one among the magnificent western group of temples, is an excellent example of intrinsic artwork. The Lakshmana Temple, which is one among the early built temples, is a fine representation of Pancharatha. The Adinath Temple beholds the work of Jain whereas the Vamana and Javari are the other two temples among the eastern group that fetches tourists and explorers.

Places to Visit in and around Khajuraho

Being in Khajuraho, whether at the time of Khajuraho Dance Festival or not, you cannot escape from the places to visit encircling the historical city. Guess what! The Kanha National Park that houses some of the rare species of wildlife is approximately 9 hours drive from Khajuraho. On the other hand Sanchi Stupa, which is the oldest stone structure in India, close to Bhopal, is another major place to visit. Whereas Orchha, which is another Hindu pilgrimage site, close to Jhansi and Gwalior Fort in Gwalior City are the major places to visit in and around Khajuraho. Rest you can add up to your backpack and itinerary the destinations like Jabalpur, Bandhavgarh, Mandu, Ujjain, Morena and Burhanpur.

How to Reach Khajuraho?

Khajuraho as a tourist destination binds the best of Indian culture, tradition and heritage. The ancient city of Khajuraho that is located in the incredible state of Madhya Pradesh is easily accessible by rail, road and air. Mahoba, which is the nearest railhead, is approximately 77 kms away whereas Jhansi, which is a major railhead, is approximately 177 kms away. With the development of infrastructure and increasing number of travellers over the years, today the ancient city hosts its own airport that connects to domestic cities like Agra, New Delhi and Varanasi. Thus whack your traditional desire and step on the classical music and dance floor. That’s right away a spring time getaway from the day to day clamour to pleasant musical notes and diorama of Indian Heritage.

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