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MPTourism Update: Kanha National Park Opened for Tourists After One and a Half Months Break

Good news for all the wildlife tourists in India. Kanha National Park, which was shut till now due to the Corona outbreak, has now been opened to all the tourists, starting from June 1. All the gates of the park are now open to the public, though there is some strict vigilance this time around.

The tourists were absolutely thrilled to see the wildlife here at Kanha once the safari began yesterday.

It was notified by Balaghat Collector Deepak Arya that on the initiative of Balaghat Tourism Promotion Council, the District Administration Health Department is following all the protocols for safe tourism in Kanha National Park. All the vehicles entering the park are being sanitized and the body temperature of tourists are being checked by the Forest Department.

Besides the tourists, all the guides and gypsy drivers who were present at the national park were also tested for Covid 19. Regarding the employees who are working at the Hotels and Resorts, testing and also vaccinations are being administered to them, to ensure their safety.

There are vaccination camps which have been set up near the region where the employees are asked to come and get jabbed. Apparently, the vaccination drive on the first day was smooth and much enthusiasm was seen on the faces of the Hotel and Resort employees.

Some Guidelines to Follow at Kanha National Park This Time Around
  • All the tourists, guides and gypsy drivers should wear masks.
  • It is mandatory to follow social distancing.
  • The body temperature of everyone entering the park will be checked.
  • Only six members in a family will be allowed to sit in a vehicle.
  • All the Gypsies will be sanitized before the safari.

Kanha National Park Tourism News Update.

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Published: 02 Jun, 2021

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