Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in and around Kanha National Park

Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in and around Kanha National Park
Last Updated: September 10, 2019

“One can measure greatness and the moral progress of a nation by how it treats its animals” – Mahatma Gandhi

With a will in the heart to save the natural tranquility of these wildlife animals, Kanha National Park was created in 1955. Spreading greenery over the area of 940 km2 Kanha National Park has its imprints over Balaghat and Mandla. Being the largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh, it mothers not just the big wild cats, leopards, barasingha but a huge variety of avifauna making their way through the sky. When in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is indeed a place to quench your thirst for an unforgettable trip, as the place not only allows one to have a thrilling experience of witnessing it rich wildlife but also enjoying several other activities that it is replete with. Check out some of the best things to do in Kanha National Park in our blog right here! Start your journey between the cool months of October to March as that’s the best time to visit Kanha National Park.

How to Reach Kanha National Park?

  • By Air: At a distance of 160 km from Kanha, Jabalpur is the nearest airport to land on linked with Delhi and Mumbai.
  • By Rail: Jabalpur is the nearest place to the National Park.
  • By Road: The city of Jabalpur is the nearest place to Kanha National Park.

1. Get Set Go for the Jeep Safari

TIger Safari in Kanha National Park

Catch a glimpse of the furry wild cats, gaurs, blazing black deer, and many more species as you drift through the dense forest of Kanha National Park. Dwell in with the animals by wearing neutral colours for the safari as you drive slowly in your open jeep. The Jeep Safari in Kanha National Park can be enjoyed twice a day for a specified time which neither disturbs the animals on odd hours nor does it lessen your possibility to spot the wild beings. Stay cautious and aware of what is happening in the Safari because if lucky you might sight a ‘barasingha’ which is found only here.

2. Sight the Crimson Sunset from Bamni Dadar

crimson sunset from Bamni Dadar

See colours merge in the wide sky from Bamni Dadar. Counted as one of the most attractive spots of the National Park, Bamni Dadar is 275m above Kanha and hence you would surely be awestruck by the beauty the sunset from this height beholds. Take out that camera and capture animals like Gaur, Samba, Barking Deer and the Four Horned Antelope or let the place capture you with its beauty.

3. Go Splurge on the Local Craft!


Hunt through the local market around the Kanha National Park where you can find a variety of handicrafts especially curated by skilled craftsmen. Not only will you find traditionally inherited goods like woodworks being sold here but also a vibrant variety of t-shirts available here. The local markets are as high-spirited as the people residing around, the warmth that runs through their heart can be seen by the way they greet the visitors, so go splurge!

4. Explore the Wildlife Richness in Kanha Museum


With a milieu that would fetch in people who have interest in animal history and love, photography is the best way Kanha Museum can be described. As you make your way through the gallery, you will come across the beautifully sculpted structures of the species, which would surely give you the real effect! Photographs and every minute detail from how the struggle for the conservation of the flora and fauna, shaping up of the National Park, to topographic information, all of it is represented in the museum. Maintained with optimum care by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh, the museum adds up to the beauty of the National Park.

5. Witness the Beauty of the Kawardha Palace


Yellow lights and glimmering sky from dusk to dawn, add up to the beauty of the ravishing Kawardha Palace here, near Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Located at a distance of 91.6 km away from the National Park, it’s worth travelling those extras kilometres to witness the white beaut. The palace built in 1930, covered with 11 acres of gorgeous greenery and exquisiteness is still owned by the Royal Kawardha family. What attracts the tourist to the palace is the alluring architecture with intricate details and the skyscraping Darbar Hall with a decorous dome where you will find most of the people unwind, preferably in the winter season. Apart from this, there is a setup of a bar, lounge, and library where you can relish the rich royal treatment.

6. Go Slow to Spot Some Exotic Birds


As you pay a visit to Kanha National Park, you will see the smallest to largest creatures being harboured here. See those fine wings of water birds like herons, storks, teals, kites, and eagles falling in the birds of prey category and scavengers like vultures swing in the sky. With the Park being divided into 4 parts, the avifauna also varies. And as they have the freedom to soar high, you might not spot the same birds as you did before but if lucky enough you can spot up to 60-70 birds as the National Park has enormous diversity when it comes to these gliders. Kanha witnesses a large number of wildlife photographers every year from the month of November to May, as that’s the best time to click some crisp pictures here.

7. Relish Sightseeing Tour of Jabalpur


Heart of the state that’s what Jabalpur- one of the most popular tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh. Clinged to the Narmada river it is one of the largest growing city famous for its food, religious and tourist places. Worshippers from all over the world don’t miss a chance to dwell their senses in the aarti at the Kachnar Temple. It’s renowned for the beautifully designed statue of Lord Shiva reaching the height of 76 ft. and Nandi Maharaj his vehicle right in front of the statue. Another temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, you should not miss is Chausath Yogini Temple, one of the oldest heritage sites in India. The temple was carved on a hilltop in the 10th century and has a total of 64 shrines set in circular motion.

Another relief to the eyes is the Gwarighat Gurudwara. It’s a beautiful Gurudwara on South bank of the river. Besides this, the Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls at Bhedaghat are the most visited sites in Jabalpur. Just 98 ft. above, the Dhuandhar Falls is also called the Smoke Cascade for the reason that when the water falls down on the hard rocks, the visitors witness a smoky view, and thus the name. Some 40 km south is the Bargi Dam, one of the first dam built over the span of 16 years. It’s used for water and power generation and irrigation besides this the backwaters of the dam form a huge lake, where at present takes place activities like water scooter, cruise ride, boating and there is a resort built too with all the amenities intact.

8. Lose Yourself to the Rustic Beauty of Amarkantak


Popularly known as the Teerthraj, Amarkantak is a mystic land with a religious sense which takes hold of your heart and leaves it pure. With the Narmada originating from here, to your surprise, the lush greenery around Amarkantak has a rich variety of medicinal plants. This religious land is best known for its Dudh Dhara Waterfalls having white milk like water. Nurtured on the western side of Amarkantak Valley, thus this waterfall flows freely from a height of 10 ft and is a sight not to miss in the rainy season. Besides this, you can soothe your senses here at the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and the Narmada Udgam Temple, one of the primeval temples of Kalachuri period. The temples are best known for their brilliant architecture on the banks of Narmada river.

9. Savour the Melange of Nature and Architecture at Mandla


Towering forts, wildlife, serene temples, and curing springs, that’s how Mandla is best known for. See water flowing around the Rangrez Ghat and Rapta Ghat to Narmada River flowing in various narrow streams making its way through limestone, magnesium and basalt rocks. The city is adorned with extraordinary beauty and lush greenery. With an old Lord Shiva Temple situated in the middle of the river, Sahastradhara is a popular tourist destination here in Mandla. Drive for another 18 km and you might come across the Garam Pani Kund with magical curing powers with water well abundant in sulphur.

10. Take a Road Back in Time at Ramnagar


Love visiting ancient forts? Travel 24 km from the scenic city of Mandla and there you will find the 17th Century built Moti Mahal. The towering three-storey fort with rustic walls was built by the Gond Kings and has its place on the banks of the Narmada river. Enjoy a relaxed evening here and see the sun rays making its way through the lively passage of the mahal. Travel another 4 km and you will sight the tranquil three-story rectangular fort curated for Chimney Rani, the Begum Mahal. Inspired by the exceptional Mughal architecture, the Mahal is built with black stones transported specially from Kala Pahad.

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Published: 28 Sep, 2017
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