Top 12 Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Stay in Kanha National Park

Top 12 Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Stay in Kanha National Park
Last Updated: June 3, 2019

Picking the right accommodation makes the experience of visiting any wildlife destination even more exhilarating. After a long day at the jungle spotting animals and birds and variety of trees and plants, one definitely needs a place to hang loose. Well, in the case of Kanha National Park, you don’t have to worry much, as one is spoilt for choices when it comes to hotels and resorts in Kanha. If you are someone who likes to bask after a daylong adventure without worrying about budget then this list is absolutely for you. Here is a list of top 12 luxury hotels in Kanha that promises you a time of your life:

Banjar Tola

banjaar-tola-kanha This is a high-end resort that is under the flagship of the famed Taj Safari (Taj Resorts and Hotels). Designed to cater to the needs of guests that are looking for adventure and luxury simultaneously, Banjar Tola is amongst the top 10 best luxurious places to stay in Kanha National Park. The tastefully designed hotel has pressed bamboo wall panels, gorgeous floors, and contemporary style furniture made of exotic wood making the place quite eye-catching. The surrounding rustic setting is yet another attraction. Providing all possible luxury amenities, Banjar Tola has established itself as one of the most exquisite places to stay in Kanha National Park.

Tuli Tiger Corridor

tuli-tiger-corridor Tuli Tiger Corridor is situated in the Buffer region of Kanha National Park. The resort is at a short distance from Khatia Gate, and therefore can be reached easily. Isolated and peaceful, Tuli Tiger Corridor is ideal for a calm and refreshing holiday. The highlight of the resort is the natural lake (80,000 sq m), which is situated near the stream that eventually meets the Banjaar River. The resort also has a wonderful dining area, which is in fact a dining-cum-lounge-cum-bar-cum-library. Other than this, one can enjoy some great spa services that completely rejuvenate one’s body. More than ideal, Tuli Tiger Corridor is simply impeccable!

Shergarh Tented Camp

Shergarh-Tented-Camp It is by far one of the best tented camps in Kanha Tiger Reserve. A small number of tents, 6 to be accurate, have been pitched by Shergarh resort and all of them are replete with modern amenities. The friendly staff caters to all the requirements of the guests with a smile on their face. One can enjoy delectable and healthy food here. The tents are pitched at suitable distances from each other so that privacy can be maintained. Amidst the thick woods, Shergarh Tented Camp lets its guest live an adventure!

Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Singinawa-jungle-lodge Offering world-class amenities, Singinawa Jungle Lodge is one of the best luxury resorts in Kanha National Park. Situated amid nature, this lodge is the perfect example of ecotourism as it blends perfectly well with its surroundings. The resort proffers guests an opportunity to live closer to nature and understand it better. The area surrounding the lodge is ideal for bird watching as well. Well-appointed rooms, delicious food and décor are the highlights of Singinawa Jungle Lodge.

The Baagh Resort

the-baagh-resort It is better to call this place a forest resort. Enclosed by towering Sal trees, this resort is nestled amidst nature and it blends perfectly well too! Guests will be intrigued by the hospitality of the resort and of course the three restaurants (Angan, Gol Hut and Dhaba) which further add to the charm of the hotel. Offering all possible modern amenities and being located at a very short distance from the Mukki Gate, The Baagh Resort makes one of the most preferred hotels in Kanha National Park. The highlight of the resort is witnessing the magnificent sunrise and sunset.

Kanha Jungle Lodge

kanha-jungle-lodge Independent deluxe cottages, 18 luxury suites and excellent hospitality are what make Kanha Jungle Lodge one of the best hotels in Kanha National Park. About half a kilometer from Mukki Gate, Kanha Jungle Lodge is perfect for those who like to bask in luxury. The hotel offers all modern amenities along with a wonderful dining area that maintains its rustic look. Food is certainly something that you do not want to miss out here. Most of the vegetables served in the lodge are grown in the organic farm in the premises of the hotel, so you can trust the menu for sure! Other than the food, the natural environment is what makes you feel good about this place. Kanha Jungle Lodge is one quite and cozy place that enhances the fun of your Kanha National Park tour.

Kanha Earth Lodge

kanha-earth-lodge This eco-friendly lodge stands in an area that adjoins the buffer area of Kanha National Park. Away from the tourism hub near Kanha National Park, this particular resort dedicates itself to providing guests a place closer to nature; however, it offers easy access to both the gates of the park. The design of the lodge has been inspired by the houses of the Gond tribe that are found here. Instead of aligned rooms, Kanha Earth Lodge offers separate bungalows that are fully furnished and replete with all modern amenities. So, despite being away from urban life, one can enjoy all the benefits of modern comforts.

Chitvan Jungle Lodge

chitvan-jungle-lodge Chitvan Jungle Lodge has designed a place that caters to all the needs of luxury seekers. After spending an exhilarating day at Kanha National Park, this lodge is the perfect place to bask in leisure. The view from the hotel is also one of the major attractions along with the tasteful décor. The rooms are named after the three elements of nature- Jal, Prithvi and Akash and then there are Mahasagar Suites. Get the best of culinary art and dine in the organic way here as most of the veggies come from the kitchen yard. Chitvan Jungle Lodge is the delight for the luxury seekers; it simply makes the experience of visiting Kanha National better!

The Celebration Van Vilas

The-Celebration-Van-Vilas One classy place to stay, The Celebration Van Vilas is yet another brilliant luxury accommodation in Kanha National Park. The rustic décor is what sets it apart from other luxury hotels in Kanha. The amiable staff, facilities of recreation and the mouth-watering organic food are the highlight of this resort. Also the conference room with traditional seating arrangement catches the eyes of the guests here. The Celebration Van Vilas is situated at a short distance from Mukki entrance gate and thus can be reached easily.

Kipling Camp

kipling-camp A family owned camp, Kipling is a wonderful experience. It is one of those home away from home types of place. One enjoys staying in the classy rooms and eating some delightful food here. Kipling Camp is also the home of the famous Tara -he elephant, whom you can spot taking a bath in the river nearby. At night, film shows and tribal dances are organized for the guests to help them learn about Madhya Pradesh and its culture. The resort also organizes tours to nearby places like Mandla, Seoni and Marble Rocks in Jabalpur. Altogether the experience at Kipling Camp is something you will not forget in a lifetime.

Infinity Resort Kanha

Infinity-Resort-Kanha Situated close to the Jamunia River, Infinity Resort is one of the best luxury resorts in Kanha National Park. This luxurious hotel sprawls over a large area and is the perfect place to get the best view of Sarasdol Hills. Nested amidst thick Mahua treeforest, this hotel looks like a perfect hotel for a nature lover. The hotel also organizes tours to nearby tribal villages, so that the guests learn more about their culture. Apart from basking here, you can enjoy activities like swimming, table tennis, soft cricket, chess and carom. Infinity resort is a wonderful place, where even if you don’t do anything and sleep like a log, you would still like it.


Luxury hotels and resorts never seems to disappoint anyone. They indeed pay off the actual worth of the money and the trust you lay on them. Make sure you book the hotels in advance, in order to avoid inconvenience later.

Published: 20 Sep, 2014
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