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India Travel Update – India is Opening to the Foreign Tourists

India has reopened its blissful shores for the international tourists in the view of declining covid cases. The top officials in the Union Home Ministry have discussed with all the stakeholders on the expected date and essential requirements to open up the country for the international travelers. As a result, India has resumed the service of giving fresh tourist visas to the foreign travelers who are visiting India from Chartered flights from October 15th which will enable the foreign tourists to enjoy their holidays in India. The fully vaccinated foreign tourists with visas can visit the country on a chartered flight. However, the regular flights will start from 15th November, 2021.

The decision has been taken in the view of decreasing covid -19 cases in the country. Most of the coastal states in India are striving hard to complete 100% vaccine dose coverage in the country, Goa is one such coastal state which has completed 100% vaccine dose coverage of all eligible adult population.

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Declining Covid cases and increasing number of vaccinated people brought a ray of hope for India’s tourism sector and aviation Industry. Not only foreign tourists are able to enjoy all the tourist destinations in India along with adventures of wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks and other thrilling sports but also take part in Spiritual quest by indulging in the Holy Char Dham Yatra- one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations of India. Not only that, in fact Heritage tourism in India is also at its peak.

There are many initiatives taken by the government to invite foreign tourists in India. Let’s look at some of the major initiatives taken by the government to revive the tourism of India.

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  • Tourists will be issued a free visa till March 31, 2022 or the insurance of 5 lakh visa whichever is earlier.
  • The month-long e-tourist visa would cost around $25 and a yearlong multiple entry e-tourist visa would cost around $40.
  • To check the response and implications, the opening of Indian tourism would be done in a phased manner.

Officials also said they are deliberating on the terms and conditions for the foreign tourists to explore India. For example – they are deciding on whether the visas should be allowed only for the vaccinated travelers and the tourists from covid-19 prone countries should be barred. This initiative would help in maintaining the safety and hygiene of the tourists to make their travel to India worth it.

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With an aim to boost Indian Tourism, all the strict measures related to covid -19 are properly followed everywhere to mar the spirit of covid -19 from ruining the economic prosperity of the country. Tourist places in India are brimming with tourists from all around the world but this time people are strictly following all the essential covid-19 travel protocols which makes India absolutely a safe country to visit for holidays.

India’s reopening was much needed as the covid-19 pandemic has caused severe economic loss. Opening of Indian tourist destinations would revive the tourism sector and bring back economic prosperity as nearly 7% of GDP comes from Tourism.

“Nobody is under the illusion that business will bounce back in 24 hours, but at last we are beginning to see some light,” says Rajeev Kohli, joint managing director at Creative Travel and a member of the Tourism Committee at the Confederation of Indian Industry.

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Whatever be the case the focus is on the safety and cleanliness of the tourists who come to explore incredible India. The constant efforts are being made for welcoming the International Tourists to enjoy their holidays in India for the next tourism season.

The tourism, aviation and hospitality sector are badly affected by the covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown as a consequence. It is a very good initiative from the Indian government to revive Indian Tourism. A huge amount of money has been invested by the government to develop the tourist places to resume tourist activities as before, so that foreign tourists who are planning to visit India would get tremendous joy in exploring our Incredible India.

The new tourism season offers exciting opportunities to explore the incredible India and make memorable moments to cherish for an entire lifetime. Travelling to India is worth it if you are planning to visit here in the upcoming festival months. You just need a fully vaccinated certificate to avail all the facilities and enjoy your tour in India without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is India safe to Travel keeping in view the dangers of the covid pandemic?

Yes, covid cases in India are declining and in coming days the tourism in India will completely open for foreign travelers. With adherence to strict covid-19 guidelines, your travel in India is absolutely safe and hygienic.

Q.Is tourism open in India?

Tourism is open in India completely as all the national parks, heritage tourist attractions, pilgrimage destinations, adventure activities are now open for the Indian as well as the foreign tourists to enjoy the best of Indian Tourism.

Q.What are the recent guidelines for Indian Tourism?

Only Fully vaccinated visitors can enjoy the bliss of tourism in India. You have to show a fully vaccinated covid-19 certificate and RT-PCR negative report.

Q.From which month can we expect the regular flights to start in India?

The regular flights would start in India from November 15th, 2021.

Published: 21 Sep, 2021 | Last Updated: 14 Oct, 2021

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