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Get Ready for Goa Tourism- Goa Reopens for Tourists

Good news for all beach lovers, your favorite beach destination Goa reopens for tourism. Goa was closed for more than three months due to increasing Covid-19 cases but the Goa Government has decided to reopen the state for Tourists. Only fully vaccinated tourists who are vaccinated 14 days before their entry will get to enjoy the tourism of Goa according to Covid-19 guidelines.

Goa, the tiny state of West India is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in India. It is a hub of beautiful beaches, fairytale like sceneries, great sea-food, amazing nightlife and thrilling adventure sports.

There are many popular tourist attractions in Goa to enjoy. If you are a history buff then there are many heritage destinations in Goa, if you are a nature lover then there are many wildlife sanctuaries and beaches to enjoy.

If you love beaches and the chill and grill vibes of the party then travelling to Goa would be one of the best experiences of your life because the nightlife of goa is the best. Goa is for everyone, be it couples, solo travelers, backpackers or family, It is never monotonous. There is so much for sightseeing and adventure activities, the bliss of the beaches will blow your heart away. It is the best place to enjoy your holidays in India by following all the covid-19 protocols.

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Government Covid-19 Guidelines for Goa Tourism

Goa Beach Adventure

To enjoy Goa Tourism, the government of Goa has laid strict Covid-19 guidelines which must be followed by the tourists.

  • Only fully vaccinated Tourists who are vaccinated at least 14 days before the date of entry and have been asymptomatic to enter the state without any quarantine would be allowed.
  • Those who are able to provide Covid-19 negative reports accredited by ICMR labs
  • Covid appropriate behavior should be followed where tourists have to wear masks and sanitize themselves by maintaining a proper social distance.
  • Tourists from Kerala have to show a negative RT-PCR report.
  • Covid-19 vaccine certificate is necessary.

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Latest Plans of Government for Goa Tourism- Goa Tourism update 2021

Goa Beach Sunset

  • Majority of the Goan population has been vaccinated with at least one dose of covid vaccine and in the next 90 days the entire population will get the vaccination with both doses according to Nilesh Shah, President of Travel and Tourism association of Goa (TTAG).
  • Government is following all the strict measures to provide covid appropriate behavior and the hotels in Goa are strictly following all the SOP’s.
  • Government is running a campaign “Panaji first” to boost vaccination and the city residents are given the first priority to take the vaccine.
  • The Government is focusing on sustainable tourism where in future they should not see the condition of closing the tourism again.
  • Charter Flights for the foreign tourists will be open soon. “As the aviation industry has suffered huge losses due to covid. Goa used to have 77 flight operations per day but now it stands at 30. All the airlines barring one have restarted the operations.” Said, Goa Airport Director – Gagan Malik.
  • There will be a lockdown in Goa till 16th August but relaxations are given to certain places. Tourist activities and business will be unlocked in a phased manner.
  • Tourists are not allowed to stay in hotels and guest houses in Goa, if they are not registered with the tourist department. It will be deemed illegal if tourists stay in non-registered hotels according to Goa Tourism Minister, Mr Ajgaonkar.

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Reopened Tourism Destinations and Restrictions in Goa 2021

Goa Beach

  • All the beaches are reopened for the tourists to enjoy the beauty of scenic beaches in Goa but Beach activities are prohibited because of the rain.
  • All the bars with 50% capacity from 7 to 11 am
  • All the indoor gyms with 50% capacity.
  • Restaurants and cafes in Goa are open but Casinos are still shut.
  • River cruises, water parks and entertainment parks are not open for the tourists to enjoy.
  • You will not be able to enjoy the bliss of Spas and massage parlors.
  • Cinemas, multiplexes and entertainment zones within the malls are not open.
  • Tourist attractions in Goa will be opened and you have to follow all the covid-19 guidelines.

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#LatestUpdate: Get Ready to blend in Goan vibes – Goa reopens casinos and nightclubs

Goa Night Club

A recent update about the tourism of Goa will add joy to many faces. The Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant has allowed all the tourist activities in Goa to resume. These are the new guidelines to be followed for Goa Tourism –

  • Casinos in Goa would be reopened with 50% capacities.
  • River cruises, spas, massage parlors, and nightclubs of the state are resumed.
  • 5 off shore Casinos and 10 On shore Casinos are opened in Coastal state which have been closed since April.
  • Only the fully vaccinated visitors and the travellers with covid -19 RT-PCR test report will be allowed to visit casinos.
  • Tourists from Kerala have to present covid RT-PCR negative report and have to undergo 5 days of compulsory quarantine.

Goa is the best place to enjoy your holidays in India. With the reopening of tourism in Goa, there is a ray of hope that the Tourism sector in India will be stabilized in the near future. Government is following all the strict measures for the safety of tourists and citizens. There are many places in Goa which are yet to be opened. All the tourism activities and Business will be unlocked in a phased manner and ensure a wonderful tourism experience in Goa. We hope that this blog will help you in planning your trip to Goa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is Tourism Open in Goa?

Yes, the tourism in Goa is now open. The Government of Goa has decided to reopen the tourism for the tourists to enjoy the bliss of Goa tourism.

Q.Are we allowed to do adventure activities in Goa?

Right now, no adventure activities in Goa are not allowed due to rain and heavy tides.

Q.Where to stay in Goa and how to book hotels?

If you are visiting Goa this time then you have to book your hotel in advance and you are not allowed to stay in the hotel or guesthouse which are not registered with the tourism department. Only the hotels registered with the tourism department will be considered for booking.

Published: 11 Aug, 2021 | Last Updated: 21 Sep, 2021

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