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Caravan Tourism in Kerala – Travel Deep and Deeper into the Dreamlands

Just imagine you and your loved ones are in a minivan with all the luxuries and comforts and travel all over Kerala. Such scenes could only be seen in Hollywood movies so far but now it’s for real.

Kerala is introducing Caravan Parks in natural settings which is a part of Keravan Kerala Project. In the coming days tourists will be able to enjoy camps in luxurious caravans for vacationing around Kerala.

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Let’s know about the Caravan Holidays in Kerala

Kerala Caravan Tourism

With the arrival of Caravan Tourism in Kerala the pleasure of exploring the beautiful tourist destinations would be more fascinating. The luxury Caravans of Kerala are equipped with all the comforts and luxuries for tourists.  Why Caravan Tourism would be the best fit for tourists for holidays in Kerala is because of these amazing reasons-

  • Safety, security and hygiene of the tourist matters a lot and it is more committed towards local communities as it enables the sustainable use of the local resources. The Caravan Parks in the natural setting would give a boost to the local tourism of Kerala.
  • The Caravans will not upset the cultural and natural setting of the locals.
  • Caravan Tourism will bring hybrid tour packages which would enable tourists to explore something different than the usual. Lesser-known destinations of Kerala will get a boost.
  • The privacy and security offered by the Caravans would lure honeymoon couples and families to travel at their own pace who want a peaceful vacation.

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It is for sure that Caravan Tourism in Kerala would be one of the best things to start for the tourists. With so many wonderful experiences and things to do in Kerala, the newly added Caravan Holidays will add some new spice to the entire picture of Kerala Holidays. Honeymooners, backpackers and families would be able to cherish some moments of peace as the safety and security of Caravans will provide them the liberty to explore the best attractions at their own pace. It is surely a delightful initiative from the government of Kerala to elevate the tourism of Kerala to a different level.

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Published: 21 Oct, 2021

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