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Best Time to Visit Chamba

Nestled amidst the Shivalik Ranges, right on the banks of the River Ravi, Chamba is a picturesque little town known for its cultural richness and splendid history. Like every hill station in Himachal, the place experiences three seasons – summer, monsoon and winters. While summers and monsoon provide for a great time to leisure travellers, honeymooners and cultural freaks, winters are a delight for ardent snow lovers.

Summer Season

Summers in Chamba begin from the month of March and last till June. The temperature during the season ranges between 14 and 30 degrees celsius, marked by balmy days and colder nights. Azure skies and a friendly weather make this quaint place a travellers’ delight, providing a respite from the scorching Indian summer heat. This is also the time when various interesting activities are popular in Chamba, ranging from sightseeing, temple-hopping and nature strolls to horse riding, trekking and rock climbing. There is a lot for travellers to indulge in during the summer months in Chamba. If you are travelling around April, don’t miss out on being part of the ancient Sui Mata Festival, a fifteen day extravaganza of local customs and traditions.

Winter Season

Chamba experiences extreme winters from October. Continuing till February, the season is marked by chilly winds, with temperatures dropping down to sub-zero around December and January. Anyone who loves snow would find this place a winter wonderland, as there is ample scope for activities like snowball fights, skiing and snowboarding. It is also a great time for budget travellers seeking heavy discounts on hotel and other accommodation fares.

Monsoon Season

For those who love rains, monsoon is a perfect time to visit Chamba. Lasting from July to September, it receives occasional showers that blesses it with lush greenery and a pristine beauty. A slight nip in the air coupled with misty valleys, further lends the charming little town a romantic aura, attracting a large number of honeymoon couples from neighbouring states and beyond. If you are someone travelling to Chamba with some quest for cultural exploration in mind, plan a trip around August when the beautiful Minjar Fair paints the town in myriad colours of festivities and celebrations. Bharmour Jatra Festival is another major fair held during the same timeframe and provides for a magnificent spectacle of Himachali culture and traditions.

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