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Karandai Jain Temple, Tamil Nadu

The Karandai Jain temple is a Digambara Jain temple located in a small village Karanthai, in the Thanjavur district of the state of Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the famous Jain temples built more than thousand years ago. Shri Adinath Swami is the main deity of this famous Jain temple.

Goddess Padmavati Yakshi popularly known as Dharmadevi Yakshi, Nava Griha and Bramadever Yakshan are other deities who are being worshipped in this holy place. This temple also contains idols of Tirthankars made up of alloy. Twenty four jinars small and big stone icons are also being worshipped in this place. The temple is built of hard rock and has the images such as the Yakhshini and Ambika inscribed on the structure.

Festival of the Temple

The festival that is celebrated in this holy temple includes Akshaya Tritiya, which is observed in fond remembrance of the first Tirthankara Rishabhanath. Jinaratri is revelled to recall the release from the cycle of rebirth of Lord Rishaba. Mahavir Jayanti is the most auspicious occasion as it is believed to be day of the birth of Mahavira. Diwali is celebrated to remember the attainment of moksha of Mahavira. Vasant Panchami is celebrated for honouring Jain Agamas. Upaakarma is celebrated in fond remembrance of the son of Rishaba, Chakravartin Bharata. The Jain people also observe fast on the days of ashtamis and chaturdashis. The fast is broken only after reciting the names of the Tirthankaras for about five times. After this practice the festival of udhyapana is celebrated where religious book is distributed among the followers who take food only after the sunset and before the sunrise.

How to Reach

The location of this temple is very well connected with the railway station and the airport. Bus service is also available from all the major cities.