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Badami is located at the mouth of a ravine, between two rocky hills. It is famous for its four cave temples - all hewn out of sandstone on the precipice of a hill. In its ancient temples and forts, Badami preserves an important chapter in the history of architecture, in Karnataka.

Situated in North Karnataka, Badami was the capital of the Chalukya empire, founded by Pulakesin I in the 6th century A.D. Chalukyas are to be credited with pioneering a new architectural style, examples of which can be seen in Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal and other neighbouring areas. They built a number of temples, and other monuments that marked the beginning of the Hindu style of architecture.

The cave temples of Badami which date back to 600 and 700 A.D. are carved out of sandstone hills. Each has a sanctum, a hall, an open verandah and pillars. What makes these cave temples remarkable, are the large number of exquisite carvings and sculptures.
One of the many masterpieces to be found in these caves is the famous, 18-armed Nataraja (Shiva) who if observed closely, strikes 81 poses. Cave 4, the last cave, is the only Jain Temple in Badami.

Badami offers world class accommodation facilities to the tourists all around the world.There are number of hotels and resorts in Badami that cater the needs of all kind tourists.The hotels and resorts in Badami provide high standards of quality of accommodation, facilities and comforts to satisfy the visitors. Badami has variety of hotels and resorts ranging from Luxury Hotels, Standard Hotels to Budget Hotels.the hotels and resorts In Badami are available to make your experience of India unique one.


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