Top Ideas for Planning Luxury Tours in India

Top Ideas for Planning Luxury Tours in India
Last Updated: June 19, 2019

A kaleidoscope of different cultures, traditions, religions, architectures, landscapes and cuisines; India is taking up as a fabulous destination for vacations.The fun of your vacation gets two-fold if it is combined with opulence and comfort. From trains and cruises to spas and meditation centres, India gives you endless options to spend a memorable luxury holiday in India. Here is a list of few ideas for a up class vacations in India.

Luxury Train Tours

Palaces on Wheels Tours through trains in India offer lifetime and unparalleled experience of exploring some of the exotic destinations of India, in a true royal style. Some trains in India are specially designed to give a feel of opulence and being home away from home. With plush interiors, comfort of royal suites, carved wooden furniture and world-class service on board, the luxury train journeys in India are sure to take you in the times of the ‘Maharajas’. Here is a list of 5 best trains that you can choose from, for your next luxury vacation in India.

All these trains follow a fixed itinerary taking you through major cultural hubs along their routes. Covering the journey in 7 to 8 days, the trains stop at each major destination for a day, giving you ample time to explore the major attractions of that region.

Listen to the stories of opulence, valour and chivalry of the Rajput kings, as you explore the magnificent forts, palaces and havelis of Rajasthan. Take a step forward to attain salvation by taking a dip in the holy waters of River Ganga in Varanasi. Witness the architectural splendours at Khajuraho and get awed with the beauty of sculptures and images oozing passion and eroticism. Immerse yourself in the history of the Mughals during your visit to Agra. Explore the rock-cut caves and temples at Aihole and Pattadakal, appreciating the sculptural skills of the artisans of the bygone era. Get overwhelmed with the impressive monolithic sturctures in Hampi and last but not the least; visit ‘Charminar’ or go for a royal tour of the beautiful ‘Falaknuma Palace’ in Hyderabad.

Luxury Cruise Tours

Luxury Cruise in Kerala Backwaters Luxury cruise tours in India provide you with an opportunity to explore the beautiful coastline and exotic beaches of India in a very special way.Cruising across the coasts, while you discover the hidden gems of India and soak yourself in the beautiful vistas of the scenery around – all combined with the comfort and thrill of the cruise boat, the experience is indescribable in words. From discovering the unseen islands and beaches to exploring the wilderness of thick forests to immersing yourself in the age-old history of the splendid world heritage sites; the cruise tours make a perfect way to reconnoitre the diversity, history and culture of India. Here is a list of some famous luxury cruise tours in India.

  • Luxury cruise to Sunderbans: Sunderbans, the home of Royal Bengal Tigers, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has to its acclaim, the reputation of being one of the largest mangrove eco-systems in the world. With its impenetrable Mangrove forests, lush Sundari trees and exotic wildlife, Sunderbans lures thousands of tourists and nature enthusiasts every year. An idea of a cruise to the Sunderbans, double folds the excitement and fun of watching the majestic wild cats in their natural abode. From fishermen’s cove, thrilling forest walks, interaction with villagers at a typical Sunderban village to tiger spotting through eerie creeks of Sunderbans – you can do everything along with enjoying the luxurious on board services and delicious sea food on the cruise.
  • Luxury cruise in Kerala Backwaters: What can be more fun than exploring the backwaters of Kerala on board a backwater cruise? As the cruise boat sails through the serene backwaters of Alleppey, enjoy the scenic panoramas around, indulge in special Malabari cuisine prepared by the expert chefs on the boat, and revel in the mesmerizing Kathak dance performances on board. Get down at the lush green paddy fields, interact with villagers, explore the tourist attractions around and watch the magical view of the setting sun as it paints the azure sky in orange and golden hues.
  • Luxury cruise on Brahmaputra: The mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam has to its acclaim, the status of being the only navigable River in the world from which snow covered Himalayan Range can be seen. A luxury cruise on the Brahmaputra River offers you an opportunity to explore the history and culture of North Eastern parts of India. Come across the tribal villages, lush paddy fields, tea estates, and various ancient temples and monasteries as the boat cruises through the calm waters of the River. On the boat, soak yourself in Jacuzzi on the decks, taking in some spellbinding views of the Himalayas and the nature around, indulge in bird-watching or enjoy the sights of the rare Gangetic Dolphins – this is not all, get to see a traditional Assamese dance performance on board which truly is an icing on the cake.

Luxury Heritage Tours

Luxury Heritage Umaid Bhawan Palace Many magnificent forts and palaces in India, which once used to be the residents of the yesteryear ‘Maharajas’ have been turned into boutiquehotels. The luxury heritage tours in India provide an opportunity to both, Indians and international tourists to get a glimpse of the rich Indian legacy and a feel of magnificence and richness of the bygone era. A stay in these heritage hotels is sure to give you a lifetime experience of one of the most luxurious and comfortable stays in India. Most of the heritage hotels are located in and around Rajasthan. Some of the famous ones are listed below.

Experience a grand welcome by a shower of rose petals as you enter the hotel and get overwhelmed with the stupendous ambience of the rooms. Go for heritage walks of the palace escorted by a well-dressed man covering you with umbrella to protect from the sun and indulge in a sumptuous dinner on the rooftop comprising of Rajasthani dishes specially made by the royals chefs – all combined with awesome scenic views around and live cultural music and dance performances; nothing can be more pampering and royal than this.

Luxury Spa and Ayurveda Tours

Spa & Ayurveda Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that makes use of natural herbs to heal a person’s mind, body and soul. The aromatic essential oils used in the Ayurvedic massages can provide relief from both, mental and physical ailments such as stress, muscle injuries and sprains. With its Ayurvedic roots, India is gradually taking up as a hot destination for Ayurveda and spa tourism.

A vacation in India combined with a spa and Ayurveda tour, is sure to help you overcome the stress of your hectic schedules. With these Ayurveda tours in India, you are bound to get the world-class therapeutic massages at some of the award winning spa and Ayurveda resorts that are mostly situated amidst tranquil settings of Uttarakhand and Kerala. Traditional and authentic therapies of Ayurveda blended with modern and contemporary Western spa approach; combined with yoga and meditation sessions amidst serene and alluring surroundings of the resorts – all in all, a spa experience that leaves mind and body completely rejuvenated. Here are some of the well-known luxury spa and Ayurveda resorts in India.

  • Ananda, Uttarakhand.
  • Wildflower Hall, Mashobra.
  • Kalari Kovilakom, Kerala.
  • Vivanta by Taj, Kerala.
  • Naturoville Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreat, Rishikesh.

Luxury Spiritual Tours

Golden Temple Amritsar The spiritual tours in India help you get an insight into the diverse cultures and faiths of India.. Be it the evening Aarti on the banks of the River Ganga in Varanasi and Haridwar; the chanting of hymns at the Golden Temple in Amritsar; the recitation of Buddhist chants by the monks at Buddhist monasteries in Bodhgaya Ladakh, Himachal and North East; the morning and night ceremonies by the temple priests in temples of South India, or the grand processions of the temple festivals in Western and Southern parts of India., all these diverse experiences, are sure to bring out to you, the different facets of cultural diversity in India. Along with a tour of different religious sites in India, these luxury spiritual tours make sure you get the most comfortable and royal treatments that include stays in high-end resorts, complimentary de-stress and detoxification programs and local sight-seeing.

Luxury Wildlife Safari Tours

Tuli Hotels Kanha India is a home to an umpteen numbers of national parks and wildlife reserves teeming with a huge variety of flora and fauna. The wildlife safari tours help nature lovers to get a sneak peek into the diverse wildlife of India, combined with a comfort and opulence. Indulge in wildlife photography, jungle walks, and exhilarating game viewing and open jeep safaris, exploring the wildernessof thick jungles; spot tigers, leopards, Asian elephants, sloth bear, deer and other rare species of wild animals. Enjoy lovely evenings in boutique resorts, tents or treehouse accommodations, most of which are located in the heart of the thick forest reserves; savour on sumptuous regional cuisines and watch an exclusive film on wildlife of the region you are staying in. Some of the best wildlife sanctuaries that must be included in your itinerary of a luxury wildlife tour are listed below.

Luxury Beach Tours

Luxury Resort Goa India offers some of the finest beaches and beach resorts in the world, providing you an opportunity to spend a memorable, relaxed and world-class vacation away from the busy routine of your lives. From white sandy and serene beaches in Diu to bustling beaches of Goa to romantic and picturesque beaches of Andaman – you can pick any destination for your luxury beach holiday in India. Spend quality time basking under the shades of the palm trees, soak yourself in crystal clear waters of the golden coastline, indulge in an endless number of enthralling water-sports activities, dance to the tunes of EDM in a happening beach party or immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring panorama of the setting sun – to top it all, experience a lavish stay at a 4/5 star beach resort with complimentary spa wellness treatments and yoga sessions.

Luxury Yoga and Meditation Tours

Yoga & Meditation India has always been a hub of ancient practices of yoga and meditation. With its world-class yoga retreat and wellness centres, India is a perfect destination for vacation for people seeking spiritual renewal, self-discovery and an escape from hectic monotonous life. Various luxury yoga and meditation tours are organized in India across different locations – depending on your choice of location, you can pick a suitable tour. With premium yoga tours, you are assured of the quality of stay and services provided in the yoga retreat centres. Most of the yoga retreat and wellness centres are located amidst pristine locations of Himalayas and beaches in orderto help you get completely rejuvenated and find a sense of inner peace. From sunrise and sunset yoga and meditation sessions, these centres also specialize in other holistic activities such as aroma therapies.

Luxury Art & Architecture Tours

Art & Architecture-Tours Art and architecture tours in India help give you an insight to the architectural gems of India that have today, become the cynosure of world’s eyes. From monuments boasting Mughal style of architecture in Agra to massive forts and palaces with exquisite décor and succulent gardens swaggering a Rajput style of architecture in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. From intricately designed step wells of Gujarat totemples with jaw-dropping carvings in Khajuraho, Ajanta & Ellora, Hampi and Southern parts of India – the list is endless. The luxury architecture tours give you an added advantage of having at your service, trained and knowledgable guides who can explain you each and every aspect of these historic sites. As you take tours of these architectural marvels of India, also enjoy great stays at high end resorts combined with impeccable services.

The above listed ideas for luxury travel in India give you a royal holiday experience blended with impeccable hospitality and cultural immersions. If you have more ideas and suggestions, please do share with us.

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