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Thrilling Viral Video Shows Two Tigers Fighting Over a Carcass in Ranthambore National Park

A viral video is doing rounds on the internet showing two tigers fighting over hunting a sambar deer in Ranthambore National Park. A goosebump moment for all the wildlife enthusiasts present at that time, the tigers fighting video shows how one tiger fought against another and started eating the carcass after winning the fight. The tiger fight captured on camera by the tourists in Ranthambore National Park on June 15 has left them thrilled for the moment.

It seems that Ranthambore has become a hotspot for viral videos. There are many viral videos showing a tiger chasing a tourist jeep or hunting a dog, deer and many more. But, this is for the first time, two tigers are seen fighting with each other. As per the authority, the increasing number of tigers has been the main reason behind this incident.

The fight was captured in Zone 2 of the park. Two tigers, numbered T-120 and T- 84 arrowhead were seen fighting with each other in the Ranthambore National Park viral video. The latter lost the battle and left the place. And, then T-120 started eating the sambar comfortably.

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Published: 16 Jun, 2022

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