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Tourism Opened in Nepal for the Fully Vaccinated Tourists

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The storm of the tourists will be back in Nepal – The country known for its lofty mountain Peaks …

Get ready to witness the stunning beauty and picturesque mountain Peaks of Nepal as the government has removed the quarantine requirement for the fully vaccinated tourists. Nepal receives a huge number of   foreign tourists every year but in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic there has been a drop of 80% foreign visitors in Nepal which affected the tourism of Nepal badly. As a result, the government of Nepal has decided to throw away the quarantine requirements for the fully vaccinated international tourists and issued new strict covid-19 Travel Guidelines to enjoy Nepal Tourism.

According to Deepak Raj Joshi, Former Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board –

‘’Delays in government approval have caused headaches for scores of prospective travelers, who made their plan to visit Nepal in autumn, but had to cancel due to quarantine requirements,” Joshi told the Post. “The government should have made this decision a month earlier. Nonetheless, the decision has been made and this will be a big boost to the tourism industry as it emerges from this pandemic.”

Covid-19 Travel Guidelines for Nepal

Nepal Pashupatinath Temple

Not only the new rules would revive Nepal Tourism but also it will ensure complete safety of the tourists coming from all over the world. Let’s look at the new Covid-19 Travel Guidelines for Nepal:

  • Tourists are needed to get their last dose of covid-19 vaccine 14 days before their arrival.
  • Those who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated will not get on-arrival visas. They need to get permission from Nepali Diplomatic Missions for entry permits and spend 10 days in quarantine in government -listed Hotels.
  • According to the new travel guidelines a tourist is needed to show a negative RT-PCR report or Gene Expert or true NAAT test to explore Nepal.
  • At immigration entry points, all the travelers are required to take mandatory antigen or rapid antigen tests.
  • Tourists have to present a negative covid-19 test taken 72 hours prior to the departure while boarding a flight to Nepal. They also need to fill the international travelers online form for getting on-arrival visa at the airport. They will get the online form at
  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated tourists have to take a mandatory quarantine for 10 days at their own expense. On the 11th day if they test negative, they are free to travel.
  • Hotels, Travel and Trekking agencies would be held responsible for the enforcement of all the conditions set by the new rule.
  • Strict action would be taken against the visitors if they don’t abide by the rules.
  • For non-resident Nepalis or the foreigners who married to Nepali citizens, the service of on-arrival visas have been resumed.
  • People who are in Nepal for mourning rituals are allowed to travel if their antigen test comes back negative.
  • People who are above 75, their caretakers and children below 5 are allowed to go to their homes if their antigen test comes back negative at the airport and on the recommendation of the local government.
  • The fully vaccinated international tourists transiting to third countries through Kathmandu’s airport, after staying in Nepal, have to show a negative test report 48 hours prior to their departure.
  • Children between 5 and 18 vaccination is not compulsory.
  • International Tourists departing from Nepal have to show a negative covid-19 report of less than 48 hours before departure and according to the rules of the country they are going to.

New Hope to Revive and Boost Nepal Tourism

Nepal Trekking Adventure

The tourism in Nepal had been severely hit after the covid restrictions came in action in the year 2020. There was a ray of hope earlier this year to revive the tourism of Nepal but a second wave of covid infection forced the authorities to close the tourist places in Nepal and shut all Nepal Tours. However, these restrictions have been thrown away with the new strict travel guidelines in a hope to revive and boost Nepal Tourism. So that International as well as Indian Tourists would be able to enjoy Nepal Tours from India and abroad.

With the declining cases and the new covid travel guidelines, almost everything in Nepal is opening up which is compelling tourists to travel to Nepal and enjoy an amazing holiday in Nepal. The government has opened all the land entry points for all tourists. Indian tourists do not require any visa to explore Nepal which is a very good opportunity to travel to all the best attractions of Nepal for a wonderful memory.

We hope that this blog has helped you in giving authentic updates related to Nepal Tourism. So that you can plan a wonderful vacation in this land of lofty mountain Peaks and have an awesome travel experience in Nepal with your family and friends.

Quick Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Nepal now open for tourism for Indian Travelers?

Yes, Nepal is open for tourism for Indian Travelers. They don’t need any visa to explore Nepal. But only fully vaccinated tourists are allowed to enjoy the charm of Nepal Tourism.

Q. Is Nepal open for tourism for other international travelers?

Yes, Nepal is open for international travelers. They need to be fully vaccinated and show a negative RT-PCR report or Gene Expert or NAAT test to explore Nepal. They need Visa-on arrival by filling the International Travel online form.

Q. Are there any quarantine guidelines for tourists?

    Tourists who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated need to take a mandatory quarantine for 10 days at their own expense. On the 11th day if their antigen test is negative, they are allowed to explore Nepal.

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