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Good News for Wildlife Enthusiasts – National Parks are Reopening from October

With a will to normalize economic activities and to revive wildlife tourism back on track, the government has decided to reopen the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries to local tourists. The covid situation is getting under control day by day which is the reason why the process of reopening of the National Parks has been running at a fast pace. However, given the pandemic situation, the experience of wildlife tourism in India would be different. Tourists need to follow strict covid-19 guidelines for their safety.

In India, we mostly witness the arrival of foreign tourists, wildlife lovers and wildlife photographers but due to covid situation, their arrival is not promising. So, this year the number of domestic tourists would increase and the future of wildlife tourism would again blaze bright like a shining star.

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Opening Dates of National Parks for the Year 2021-2022


The popular national parks, tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries would re-open from the month of October and close on June 30. Tourists have to book their Wildlife safari online in advance. The booking can be done on a day-to-day basis.

If you are planning to explore wildlife and enjoy Tiger Safaris then October to March is the right time to visit some of the awesome Wildlife Tourist destinations in India.

Tourists would be able to enjoy the bliss of exotic wildlife and picturesque flora and plants in most of the parks from the month of October. Some of the most popular National Parks and Tiger Reserves which are reopening from October are:

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Covid-19 Travel Guidelines by the Ministry of Forests for Enjoying Wildlife Tourism in India

Kanha National Park

If you are planning to visit the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries then you must follow covid-19 travel Guidelines for your safety.

  • All tourists, drivers and guides will undergo thermal screenings if they visit the parks.
  • It’s compulsory for everyone to maintain social distancing and wear masks and have sanitizers.
  • Crowding of the guards, guides and visitors in the permit issuing centers and reception would be avoided. You need to book your Safari online in advance.
  • The number of the visitors in a vehicle for Safari would be limited due to the safety of the visitors.
  • At the entry points, vehicle tire baths would be equipped with disinfectants.
  • The entry and exit points of the parks will have lavatory facilities. Tourists will not be permitted to debark within the limits of the reserve.
  • Covid-19 Vaccination certificate is mandatory for the tourists. You also need to show an RT-PCR covid negative report if the situation arises.

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There is a lot of enthusiasm among tourists and wildlife lovers as the National Parks are reopening from the month of October. It is a very good initiative from the government to revive the wildlife tourism of India. We are solely relying on the local travelers. The hotels and resorts in India are also gearing up for the tourists. They will provide the facilities for sanitizing the vehicles and luggage.

As most of the National Parks, Tiger Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries would be fully open in the month of October, the wildlife tour owners are hopeful for the promising revival of Wildlife tourism. With the ending of the longest shutdown and the beginning of an amazing tourist season, we hope that you will also plan to visit the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries for an amazing wildlife Holiday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is it safe to plan a wildlife holiday in India?

Yes, it's absolutely safe to plan your wildlife holidays in India as the government is reopening the National Parks and Tiger Reserves in the month of October which is the perfect time to enjoy the exotic wildlife on amazing Wildlife Safaris.

Q.What are the covid Guidelines to follow if you are planning a wildlife holiday in India?

It’s compulsory for everyone to maintain social distancing and wear masks and have sanitizers. You need to book your Wildlife Safaris online in advance. Covid -19 vaccination certificate is compulsory for every traveler and you also need to show an RT-PCR negative report if the situation arises.

Q.How to book Wildlife Safari online?

You can check the government portal for Wildlife Safari booking in advance but you can also contact Tour My India for all the queries and wildlife holiday package bookings. We provide the best Wildlife holiday Package tour at a very good price with great deals and discounts.

Published: 28 Sep, 2021

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