12 Best Monsoon Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

12 Best Monsoon Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai
Last Updated: July 6, 2018

Yet again, the time has come to feel the refreshing breeze and sprinkle of rain drops with the onset of monsoon season. It is probably the best time of the year where you can get the petrichor scent oozing from the earth’s surface but how can one feel such rejuvenation living in a city like Mumbai where the skyscrapers hinder the cool breeze and the deadly traffic stops life for hours? the only way is by escaping from it all.

If you are in Mumbai or simply visiting the city during the monsoon, we have a list of 12 weekend gateways from the city that are waiting to be explored by you in this lovely rainy season.

1. Igatpuri

Igatpuri Distance: 121 KM via NH 160
The image sets you back for a second, didn’t it? Igatpuri is truly a blissful place to be during monsoon season. Its misty hills and calming ambience may make you want to sing a love song, so go ahead and hum some sweet melodies…the more you go to explore, the more in love you’ll be. As the rain drops fall on the windows of your car or the hotel’s, it will simply urge you to layer yourselves in warm clothings and head out to some of its exotic attractions. Speaking of which, this small town of Nasik district does boasts a few spellbinding tourist places out of which Tringalwadi Fort, Camel Valley and Vipassana International Academy are a must see.

2. Karnala

Karnala Distance: 52 KM via NH 66
Karnala is one of the charming monsoon getaways to visit from Mumbai and it is surrounded by green vistas, mountains, and waterfalls. It is also where Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located, a place to unwind and birdwatch, truly a haven for nature lovers. During your weekend trip here, a trek to Karnala fort is also a must, you can explore the age-old fort that is taken over by green mosses, various plants and climbers, plus, a panoramic sight of the Sahyadri mountains is beyond belief.

3. Kolad

Kolad Distance: 125 KM via SH 92
A charming riverine village of Raigad district, Kolad, is famous for its river rafting water sport. It is an ideal place to come explore a less hectic paradise both blessed and loved by travellers. Among water sports, you can sweep or the river in sports like rowing, kayaking, rafting and also try out river crossing and rappelling. Alright, travel bugs, it is understandable not everyone enjoys watersports, so, instead you can go on a little excursion visiting attractions such as Tala and Ghosala forts, Kuda caves, Bhira and Dholwal dams, Tamhini and Kansai waterfalls. Lastly, a unique attraction that can spruce up your trip is the hot springs at Uddhar (30 kilometres away).

4. Lonavala-Khandala

Lonavala-Khandala Distance: 81 KM via NH 48
Lonavala-Khandala are two renowned destinations among travel bugs, and they are probably the most famous monsoon holiday places in Maharashtra. And this is why, these places simply had to be mentioned in this article. Lonavla and Khandala together make a duel holiday package best for family vacation as it is blessed with spellbinding landscapes of the Sahyadri hills and many interesting attractions to see. Here, a visit to the Sausage hill is a must (it may sound funny by the name given ‘sausage’, since the hill seems to have resemblance with its shape, voila! the name popped). You are to get awestruck by many other attractions like Duke Nose, Pawna lake, Tung fort and Tikona fort.

5. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Distance: 231 KM via NH 66
Why to visit Mahabaleshwar in monsoon months you ask. Well, it is because the majestic emerald mountains are accompanied by riveting waterfalls and only during this season the gushing waterfalls can be witnessed. It is also one of the best places to dance in the rain, and is indeed hard to resist. Visit the Lingamala waterfall that offers such a positive vibe to the onlookers, trek up to Wilson Point, it is here you can get a spectacular sight during the sunrise. Needless to say, Mahabaleshwar makes a romantic destination to visit for a long weekend monsoon holiday with your better-half.

6. Tapola

Tapola Distance: 260 KM via NH 66
A little abode, lovingly known as mini-Kashmir, Tapola is surrounded by lush greenery of the Sahyadri hills. A presence of peace can be felt as you bask amid the soothing village and travel to its tourist attractions that are tucked away as an unpolluted paradise. As the mist plays hide and seek over the soothing and alluring Tapola, you can get a relish a riveting sight of the Koyana dam and Shivsagar lake. Tapola’s amazing backdrop perhaps makes it a perfect hotspot for nature photographers who can capture some excellent shots. Come, soak all your senses and free yourself from the materialistic world in this charming destination called Tapola (even if it is for a weekend).

7. Jawhar

Jawhar Distance: 142 KM via NH 48
You must be wondering, what’s there in Jawhar? Well, for starters, this place is famous for its Warli paintings, which is traditionally made of rice paste showcasing drawings of characters on a red background and it provides to be a perfect souvenir too. Besides that, Jawhar has a picturesque setting as it is surrounded by emerald forests and waterfalls. And during one of your sightseeing trips here, a visit to Dabhosa Waterfall is a must. Since this destination has a blend of nature and vibrant cultural heritage, you cannot afford to miss its major attractions like Jaivilas Palace. And in order to take some amazing shots of birds, a visit to Jai Sagar dam will be an ideal thing to do as the place is replete with a plethora of rare birds to see. Other interesting attractions in Jawhar are Shirpa Mal, Khadkhad dam, Kalmandvi waterfall, Sunset point and Hanuman point.

8. Durshet

Durshet Distance: 78 KMvia NH 48
Need shorter weekend trips from Mumbai instead? Then a visit to Durshet would be ideal for you. Seated in the Sahyadri Mountain Range of Maharashtra, this destination is filled with nature and offers a plethora of activities. A daredevil can partake in thrilling sports such as rock climbing and also rafting in River Amba that flows through the dense forest of Durshet, criss-crossing hefty rocks and rotten tree branches during your rafting adventure you may also sight a lot of birds drinking water. As it is a rainy season, expect to see a lot of waterfalls, and a trek up the misty mountains along the uncharted trails while here.

9. Kamshet

Kamshet Distance: 102 KM via Mumbai-Pune National Highway
One of the reasons why travellers visit Kamshet is mainly to experience paragliding like never before. Sure, if you were in northern side of India, there are a few destinations for paragliding but in the western side, Kamshet is one of the handful places that offer an incredible paragliding experience. However, the option for paragliding in monsoon is quite less (almost zero!), there are several temples to visit like Kondeshwar. Apart from it, you can also walk-in the forts like Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi as well as visit caves such as Bhairi, Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa.

10. Lavasa

Lavasa Charming little hill abode of Maharashtra, Lavasa is a perfect tourist destination for family vacation and even for romantics at heart. The colourful city provides an enchanting panorama of emerald hills covered in thin layered mist. How can one not visit Lavasa? it highly reflects the ambience of Italian town, Portofino, and has clone buildings structures and romantic pebble streets. You can make you stay in Lavasa even more memorable by opting for a trekking activity amid wet forest and blissful rain. Besides trekking, Mulshi Dam, situated close to the city is one such place perfect to go sightseeing and bring home some pretty images.

A hidden gem so to say, Mulshi Dam is rather a favourite destination for nature photographers. It is famous for spotting a large. This is a great destination to visit especially during monsoon as it becomes even more radiant and scenic during the rainy season.

11. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat Distance: 127 KM via NH 61
Welcome yourself to the beautiful mountain pass of the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat. This enthralling abode is a place for those seeking solace, a visit here during monsoons will offer you a sound stay as the raindrops create a symphony. Its dense forests, alluring lakes and the mossed covered Shivneri fort ooze charm and an inviting vibe. While planning for a monsoon getaway in Malshej Ghat, make sure you add giving more time to yourself to relax and unwind.

12. Alibaug

Aulibagh Distance: 95 KM via NH 66
Alibaug is one of the top monsoon destinations near Mumbai and for all the right reasons. While here, what would you choose? jump with joy on the beach or a stroll in the fort, duh! both. It is always a great experience to swim in the ocean while it rains, the feeling it offers is beyond words (you gotta do it to believe it sorta situation). Of course there is the Korlai Fort (half hour distance), its historical past is brought back to life as you read about its past while meandering along the ruin stoned in Mughal, Portuguese, and Maratha architecture. The more you ascend the fort, the spectacular the sight becomes, you can see a beautiful view of the Arabian sea. Although there is not much to do in Alibaug during monsoons, a visit here will definitely help you find bliss away from the monotonous life.

Have you been secretly packing? or at least you had your imagination rolling, planning out all the moves, solving all your where’s and how’s. Well, you can make your monsoon travel great by visiting these above mentioned places for a long weekend trip filled with fun and laughter. If planning and managing is creating a mess, you can always call us at +91-9212553106/07 or send us your queries at and we will get back to you with best holiday deals on places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon season.

Published: 23 Jun, 2017
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