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See the Religious Side of Manipur With Its New Spiritual Circuit

A new spiritual tourism circuit in Manipur has been inaugurated. The spiritual circuit has been created around the Mahabali Temple, one of the famous temples in Imphal. Manipur’s spiritual circuit was created as part of the Swadesh Darshan scheme.

The scheme was launched by the Union Ministry of Tourism. The Swadesh Darshan scheme seeks to develop various thematic circuits in India to boost its tourism industry.

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What does the spiritual circuit comprise of?

Manipur Spiritual Circuit

The new spiritual circuit will let tourists take a pilgrimage tour in Manipur of the famous temples. It will comprise of:

  • Shree Govindajee Temple
  • Shree Bijoy Temple
  • Govindajee Temple
  • Shree Gopinath Temple
  • Shree Bangshibodon Temple
  • Shree Kaina Temple.

Manipur Spiritual Tourism Circuit

Northeast Circuit: Imphal and Khongjom inaugurated in Manipur in 2018

The Northeast Circuit: Imphal and Khongjom was inaugurated in Manipur in 2018. It was developed in the famous Kangla Fort in Imphal and Khongjom. It was the first initiative taken under the Swadesh Darshan scheme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are some of the famous must visit temples in Manipur?

Some of the famous must visit temples in Manipur are Shree Govindajee Temple, Kaina Temple, Shri Bungshibudon Temple, Shri Bijoyi Govindaji Temple and Shri Gopinath Temple.

Q.Which festivals are popularly celebrated in Manipur?

Some festivals which are popularly celebrated in Manipur are Sangai, Shirui Lily, Chumpa, Ningol Chakouba and Lui Ngai Ni.

Published: 22 Dec, 2020

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