Discover the Beauty of the Valley of Flowers National Park

Discover the Beauty of the Valley of Flowers National Park
Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Sundarbun tour for the Bengal Tigers; or Sham valley trek to see the confluence of Indus and Zanskar River, or Valley of Flowers to see the art formed by the range of blossoms; all these trips just pump your heart with new energy. However, there is always a sheer pleasure to wander in the lap of Himalayan mountain range.

Valley of flowers is the ultimate destination to experience the magic, which is performed by the Mother Nature. It’s intriguing, diverse blossoms spread the fragrance miles away, which attracts not only Indians but foreign tourists too.

History of Valley of Flowers

History of Valley of Flowers I want you to get familiar with the history of the discovery of this heavenly heaven. Valley of Flowers is the place that was undiscovered for centuries. Few British backpackers, Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, deviated from their route. They were originally coming back after successfully summiting Mt. Kamet and fortunately terminated at the heaven.

These people got fascinated after viewing the exceptional beauty of the valley and they titled this alluring place “Valley of Flowers.” In fact, Frank S. Smythe also wrote a book and named it with the same. Well, it is said into the Hindu mythology that Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani Buti (plant) to heal Lakshman, brother of Shri Ram.

About Valley of Flowers

valley-of-national-park-uttarakhand The beauty of the park just cannot make your eyes blink for a moment. The rampant plants pour life in the valley that enthralls the heart of viewers. It truly makes you feel like a paradise. The park is originally situated at Western Himalaya range. It is located 20 km northwest of the Nanda Devi National Park. Many threatening animals are found in this national park.

The list of scarce animals includes black deer, musk deer, fox, brown bear and a blue sheep. The national park occupies the area of 87.50 square kilometers. Moreover, this place is filled with splendid meadows and numerous water tributaries.


Valley of Flowers National Park Valley of flowers is 300 km north away from the Rishikesh. The road journey is possible till Govindghat. The trekking path gets started after reaching to Govind Ghat, which is 20 km away from Badrinath. Alluring pastures, clouds amongst touching sky hills and intriguing cascades make tourists feel like a paradise.

This marvelous sight was acknowledged as the national park around the year of 1982. It was also declared as the world heritage site. The magnificence of the valley attracts the pro photographers, nature enthusiasts, and backpackers.

Heavy snowfall takes place in this region during the winter season. It seems like Park wears a veil of snow during winter. The flowers blossom between July and September. In fact, it is the perfect time to visit this heaven; whereas, October is the duration when grass stop growing and flowers stop blooming. Well, regional people also believe that fairies lived in Valley. I think beyond any shadow of a doubt one should admit this belief because truly it seems like a land of fairies.

The most alluring facts which you should know before visiting Valley of Flowers

Biotic Importance

Valley of Flowers National Park

The land of the valley is not only renowned for its alluring natural beauty including flora, landscapes, and mountains. It has its significance regarding biotic life. About 300 types of wild flowers blossom in the valley. It is the home of most beautiful flowers called ‘Primula’. Moreover, there are varieties of lavender and rose, Bhram Kamal, Blue Poppy and cobra lily found in the valley.

FYI Valley changes shades of colors according to the blooming of flowers within three months say July, August and September. In all it is the best time to explore the most beautiful and benevolent present from the almighty.

Religious Importance

Hemkund Sahib Yatra

There are religious places of Hindus and Sikhs to visit nearby the Valley of Flowers. Each spiritual place has its significance and an unparalleled history. The holy place of Sikhs which is known as Hemkund Sahib is located at the height of 4150 meters above the mean sea level.

Moreover, you should also visit Lokpal Lake which is also the alluring location for the tourists. All in all Laxman temple and Hemkund are the places which you should not overlook during the expedition.

When should you visit the valley?


  • May: Valley of Flowers gets opened for the visitors from the last week of the May. However, you will find limited species of flowers if you choose the time of expedition in May.
  • June: The food and accommodation get costlier as the Sikh devotees majorly visit Hemkund during June. However, you get an opportunity to thrill your heart with waterfalls and small streams.
  • Mid-July and August: This is the time when the valley gets adorned with almost 650 species of flowers. My experience says that you should visit the Valley Of flowers national park during Mid-July to Mid-August.

All in all, Valley of Flowers National Park is an excellent option to spend your summer vacation with your beloved family and friends. Moreover, if you are new to the trekking, then it will be a pure joy to experience something adventurous, which is necessary to feel alive. Hence, grab the chance to visit this heaven and get the memorable experience of the lifetime.

Published: 31 May, 2017
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