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Visit Anand Van in Dehradun for Peace, Tranquility & Health

Everyone is in search of peace today, but only some seem to find it. The more you try to find it, the more it eludes you! There is a place though, where peace seems to reside in plenty. Anand Van, or Forest of Joy, is an urban forest park spread over 50 acres of land in the Jhajra Forest Range in Dehradun in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. If you are spending your holidays in Dehradun and have explored all the touristy attractions & are looking for a new place to visit in Dehradun offering peace, tranquillity and fun, you should make your way to this forest park. Got kids? That’s even better, as there are various activities which they can enjoy. It’s also an ideal choice for people from Delhi NCR looking for a relaxed offbeat destination in Dehradun where they can spend time in the company of nature. What are the other reasons that make Anand Van such an attractive place in Dehradun? Let’s find out.

Major Attractions of Anand Van Forest Dehradun
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Sita Vatika
  • Navgrah Vatika
  • Nakshtra Vatika
  • Water Fountain
  • Childrens Park
  • Birding Paradise
  • Water Conservation Model
  • Peace & Tranquillity
  • Butterfly Garde
  • The Jungle Roars
  • Adventure Activities
  • Information Corridor
  • Cycling Trail
  • Anandi Bugyal
  • Waterfall
  • Tree Gut
  • Jungle Walk
  • Water Body (Wet Land)
Park Timings
  • Opening Time: 09:30 AM
  • Closing Time: 04:30 PM
Entry Fees for Kids
  • Free for kids below 10 years, 20 INR for children between 10-15 years.
Entry Fees for Adults
  • 50 INR.
Photography Prices
  • Mobile photos: Free
  • Digital photography: 50-200 INR
Prices of activities
  • Zip Line: 50 INR
  • Commando Net: 50 INR
  • Burma Bridge: 40 INR
  • Tyre Net: 20 INR
  • Bamboo Ladder: 20 INR
  • Tree Hut: 50 INR
  • Combo Pack: 150 INR
Parking Prices
  • 2 Wheelers: 20 INR
  • 4 Wheelers: 50 INR
  • Bus: 200 INR

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How and why was Anand Van founded?

Anand Van in Dehradun

Anand Van in Dehradun was created and designed by Sadhna Jayaraj, an artist, social worker, spiritual seeker, animal activist and motivator, and her husband, Jai Raj, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF). It was named Anand Van because peace is one of the primary goals of individuals today. According to Sadhna and Jai Raj, the idea behind creating this forest park was: to provide an oasis of peace, relaxation & spirituality, enhance one’s health through walking & cycling, and learn about the various herbs, medicinal plants, aromatic plants and fauna of Uttarakhand, for which it is so famous.

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Things to See in Anand Van Dehradun

While visiting Anand Van, an eco friendly offbeat destination in Dehradun, the first thing you notice is a large wooden board mentioning the various sections and features of the park. An indescribable sense of happiness envelops you, and all your worries seem to melt away in an instant.

Get information about famous medicinal, herbal & aromatic plants

There are 82 medicinal, herbal and aromatic plants inside, with separate sections for each of them. Small boards describe each plant in detail, including its scientific name, parts used and medicinal uses. It is a good idea to visit this innovative tourist attraction in Dehradun with your kids and family, as they will learn a lot about the various aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs that Uttarakhand is famous for.

Improve your health by cycling and walking inside the park!

The park showcases nature at its best, along with an atmosphere conducive to experiencing spirituality and practicing meditation. There are also provisions for you to improve your health including cycling tracks, accupressure and walking tracks. The park also contains 27 astrological signs which have been displayed on boards, and anybody visiting the park can gain knowledge about them by spending some time reading the boards.

You can also get an idea of the wildlife in Uttarakhand by visiting Anand Van. While one side of the park is allocated to animals, another is allocated to nature. There is a certain area in Anand Van left for dense forests which is visited by wild animals. The park also has adequate seating arrangements in the form of chairs. You can sit in one of the comfortable chairs and just take in the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

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Anand Van in Dehradun

Tree huts: Enjoy views of the surroundings!

Inside Anand Van, there are 4 tree huts which are called: Badri Kutir, Kedar Kutir, Vasudhara Jal Prabhat and Anand Bugyal. Each of these tree huts let you enjoy the beauty of the entire park from an impressive height while offering a lovely view of the surroundings. The sounds of birds and the calm breeze gently brushing your face have an almost hypnotic effect on you.

Great for families and kids too! 

Anand Van is also a wonderful place to visit with your family, including kids. Along with peace, spirituality & knowledge about the flora and fauna of Uttarakhand, there are facilities for entertainment like rope climbing nets, hanging bridge, zip line and enjoying amidst nature. You can also enjoy cycling on the 3 kilometers cycling track.

Prashant Nilam: An island with this island of peace!

Anand Van is a complete package of nature, knowledge, spirituality, health and entertainment. There is an area called Prashant Nilam within the urban forest park which is an island within an island of pure peace where your thoughts, both inner and outer, become one.  You also feel divine vibrations there. It is best to spend 30 minutes of your time here while visiting Anand Van.

That’s Anand Van for you! Are you curious enough to visit it now? If you do happen to visit it the next time you visit Dehradun, share your experience with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the best time to visit Anand Van?

Anand Van in Dehradun can be visited throughout the year.

Q.What are some of the activities in Anand Van?

Cycling, Zip Line, Commando Net, Burma Bridge, Tyre Net and Bamboo Ladder are some of the activities in Anand Van.

Q.How far is Anand Van from Dehradun Railway Station?

Anand Van is almost 14 kilometers away from Dehradun Railway Station and is easily accessible.

Q.Is the entry to Anand Van free?

No, while the entry fees for adults is 50 INR, those for children between 10-15 years. Entry is free only for children below 10 years.

Published: 02 Nov, 2020

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