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Udaipur Beach West Bengal

Although Udaipur (also spelled as Udaypur) is not as famous as the other beaches in West Bengal, that certainly is no reason to give it a miss! After all, once you visit Digha, you might as well visit Udaipur, as the latter is located about 3km from it. The shoreline, dotted with rows of casuarina trees, is beautiful. It is not as crowded as the other beaches, and that in itself is a big draw for many tourists. You will come across makeshift stalls dotting the beach which sell a variety of seafood including crabs, fishes and jumbo prawns. An interesting experience awaits you at the Udaipur Beach in the form of a scooter ride on the shore. Of course, you can always sit back and watch the waves lapping the shore.

Best Time to Visit Udaipur Beach

The best time to visit Udaipur is the winter season, which begins in October and ends in February. It also receives a significant number of tourists during the summer season, from March to June. A significant footfall of tourists can also be witnessed in the months of the summer season (from March to June). But hot and harsh weather conditions don’t allow tourists to explore the place to its fullest.

How to Reach Udaipur Beach

The best way to reach Udaipur is by rail. Digha Flag Station is the nearest railhead to Udaipur which is located at a distance of around 3.4km. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the closest airport, located at a distance of 194 km to Udaipur. The airport is well-connected with all the major domestic cities as well as international destinations.